5 E-Commerce Trends You Need To Know For 2024

E-commerce is always changing to adapt to the different needs of consumers.

In 2024, as shoppers rely more on artificial intelligence to help them find answers and narrow down their searches, they will want merchants, brands, and marketplaces to keep up.

Generative AI features that were launched last year, such as chatbots and content-generation tools, will become more popular among users and merchants — and this is just the beginning — as new hard use cases to imagine now will be introduced in the future.

“The technology is far from reaching its full potential; when it does, the changes are going to be huge,” said James Yang, a partner at Bain & Co, a consultancy.

We asked Alibaba Group’s businesses, marketplaces, and sector experts for their opinions on consumer trends that will influence the industry in 2024 and how AI can help meet demand.

“AI’s presence will keep growing, creating a more seamless and efficient global commerce experience that benefits businesses of all sizes,” said Kaifu Zhang, Vice President of Alibaba International, who leads the company’s AI initiatives.

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