New Shopify App by accessiBe Improves Web Accessibility for E-Commerce


To make e-commerce sites more disability-friendly, accessiBe has launched its accessibility app, which merchants can buy through Shopify, a top content management system.

accessiBe’s solutions are already used by thousands of Shopify-based online stores to improve and maintain web accessibility. The new app they launched is meant to ease the buying and installing process, making it simpler for users by smoothly integrating accessiBe’s app with the merchant’s store.

E-commerce is becoming more dominant in the consumer buying journey, as shown by 2023 data from Statista that reveals that 43% of consumers favor online shopping over going to physical stores, indicating a major change in shopping habits.

This change highlights the necessity of having accessible e-commerce websites, especially considering that one in four Americans has a disability. However, only 7.4% of 100,000 leading e-commerce websites passed accessibility standards, according to an audit by accessiBe. This problem is not only an ethical issue but also a business one, as Forbes reported that in 2023, more than 82% of lawsuits under the ADA targeted e-commerce businesses. These numbers underscore the importance of accessible online shopping experiences. In 2024, accessiBe aims to meet the growing needs for e-commerce accessibility and raise awareness about the benefits of having a more inclusive online market.

Dekel Skoop, CEO of accessiBe: “The launch of accessiBe’s app for the Shopify CMS is another step towards bringing web accessibility and inclusion to the business world at scale. One of the main obstacles to web accessibility is awareness. By making this app available at the Shofiy’s app store, we hope to increase awareness and simplify the processes for businesses to make their site more accessible and inclusive.”

accessiBe is the leading provider of web accessibility solutions for any business. Over 240,000 websites, from small businesses to industry giants, trust accessiBe to make their websites more accessible. Our solutions help businesses, agencies, and non-profits to be more inclusive and reach more people while ensuring accessibility in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 at the AA level success criteria and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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