Is Temu a scam? Expert gives his opinion

Temu, an online shopping site that offers huge discounts, caught the attention of many viewers during the Super Bowl commercials. However, the website may not be as trustworthy as it claims.

A Virginia Tech expert and some college students shared their opinions with 10 News reporter Thomas Mundy.

“It’s tempting to buy things for cheap as a college student, but I think it’s a warning sign because it sounds unrealistic,” a student commented.

Temu, an online commerce site that claims to offer huge discounts, aired six commercials during the Super Bowl, attracting millions of potential customers.

However, Donna Wertalik, a marketing expert from Virginia Tech, advised me to be careful.

“The products look amazing online when you market them. They show up on Instagram and Facebook feeds, but are they the same quality as online when you receive them? Often, they are not.” Wertalik said. “Pay close attention to the information on any platform, what you are sharing, whether you are on a secure network or a VPN or just a browser that is gathering data.”

Some Virginia Tech students were doubtful about the site, even after seeing the ads.

“I’ve seen many ads on TikTok over the year, and I thought it was similar to a shein website, kind of a rip-off, very low-quality items.”

Another student said that the ads made the company look more credible, but he still did not trust it fully.

“When I first saw the ad, I thought ‘Temu? Isn’t that the site that makes those short videos on YouTube?’ I assumed they were just making low-budget YouTube ads to cash in fast,” Jobran Hanna, a student at VT, said.

Wertalik said that as technology advances quickly, more sites like this will emerge. She advised people to be careful about what they share online.

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