Most Searched Items on Amazon in January 2024

Do you want to know what people are searching for on Amazon at the moment? We’ll reveal the hottest keywords on Amazon in January 2024. And we’ll explain what these in-demand shopper searches mean for the best-selling products on Amazon right now.

January’s Top 20 Amazon searches

  1. Saltburn
  2. hazing hotel
  3. outdoor plastic straw rug
  4. amazon prime
  5. laptop
  6. reacher
  7. kindle
  8. monitor
  9. headphones
  10. toilet paper
  11. AirPods
  12. SSD
  13. keyboard
  14. office chair
  15. ps5
  16. desk
  17. Valentine’s Day gifts for her
  18. protein powder
  19. paper towels
  20. lego

This is our sixth monthly report on Amazon’s trends. We’re noticing some patterns! Let’s see which are the most searched items; the Top 20 regulars, if you will.

In the last 15 months, “laptop” ranked 5th and only missed two Top 20 lists. But its Average CTR was dismal: 59%.

“Kindle” ranked 7th and was absent only in October, with a respectable Average CTR of 106%. And “monitor” ranked 8th and made every Top 20 in the last 15 months (though its Average CTR was 58%)

“Headphones” ranked 9th and also made every Top 20 in the last 15 months, with a slightly better click-through rate: 70%. “Airpods” ranked 11th and did the same, and it had a much better CTR: 104%. “Ps5” ranked 15th this month and only failed to make the list in May 2023. Its Average CTR was decent: 93%.

Amazon’s Top 20 Climbers

We call climbers the shopper searches that made this month’s Top 20 but not last month’s. We start our analysis with these because they show us which keywords are most popular. That is, which are rising fastest highest. January had 11 climbers in its Top 20. After six months, we can see that this rate of turnover is above average for Amazon. Usually, five to nine shopper searches are new Month on Month to its Top 20.

This month, two of them are what we call “screamers.” These are searches that were not even in the previous month’s Top 1000. But having two screamers a month seems to be normal for Amazon.

Here are Amazon’s January climbers, with their current search rank first.

#4 Amazon Prime, up from #27

#5 laptop, up from #30

#10 toilet paper, up from #50

#12 SSD, up from #35

#13 keyboard, up from #31

#14 office chair, up from #58

#16 desk, up from #34

#17 Valentine’s Day gifts for her (didn’t rank in December’s Top 1000)

#18 protein powder, up from #105

#19 paper towels, up from #150

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No. 4 amaon prime, up from #27

Sometimes a regular might be a typo of some top search. Last month it was “prime” for prime. This month, it’s “Amazon Prime” for Amazon Prime. we record shopper searches as they are, so we report these “as is”. Of course, Amazon and other search engines detect these common typos and fix them for the user. Combined with the search volume for #713-ranked “Amazon Prime,” this keyword would be January’s No. 3.

No. 5 laptop, up from #30

As you can see, “laptop” is a frequent Top 20 item on Amazon. It has been on the list for 13 out of the last 15 months. The only exceptions were both in December; once in 2022 and again in 2023. However, even then, “laptop” was not far behind, ranking 24th and 30th respectively. That is still impressive. (And keep in mind that to make it to Amazon’s Top 20 in December requires a huge amount of US shopper searches!)

No. 10 toilet paper, up from #50

“Toilet paper” is not a common Top 20 item on Amazon, but it is still a success. Look at this.

Only three times in the last 15 months did toilet paper enter the Top 20 Amazon Searches list. Those were in January 2023, September, and this January. However, as you can notice, it consistently has a monthly search volume of more than 500,000. And its Average CTR is 101%. Among Amazon’s six Top 20 regulars, only “Kindle” and “air pods” have an Average CTR higher than 100%.

No. 12 SSD, up from #35

An SSD, or solid-state drive, is a kind of storage device for computers. This keyword appeared on five of Amazon’s Top 20 Searches lists. One of them might have been influenced by “Prime Day”. That’s when Amazon offers huge discounts and special deals, mostly on tech items.

SSDs did not get a big enough lift from Amazon’s latest sales event, “Big Deal Days,” to enter October’s list. But they did make it in February, September, November, and January 2024.

No. 13 keyboard, up from #31

Another good one is that has maintained a monthly search volume of over 500,000 for the last 15 months. However, like “SSD”, the Average CTR is lower than what we usually see on Etsy’s Top 20 keywords. The keyboard’s yearly average is 73%. And only 64% for the month.

Perhaps high CTRs are not as crucial for Amazon’s most popular items. We have written a lot about how eBay is very low on their Top 20 shopper searches. (We will be looking at eBay’s January data next.)

No. 14 office chair

We did not expect to see “office chair” and “desk” among the Top 20 Amazon searches. They both rose this month. Let’s check out the office chair.

Wow! That search-trend line looks like toilet paper! That seems wrong – but it’s not. And although not as high as TP’s, the office chair’s Average CTR is pretty decent for Amazon: 94%. It appeared on most (nine) of the Top 20 lists in the last 15 months. So let’s move on to “desk.” It’s our next riser.

No. 16 desk

The desk has risen to the 34th spot in January’s Top 20 Amazon Searches. Let’s compare it with an office chair and see how they stack up.

Look at that Average CTR: 106%! We did some digging and found out that only one of January’s Top 20 US shopper searches had more clicks than searches. It was the typo, #4 Amazon Prime. If we added it to the correctly spelled one, it would be in third place.

The desk is doing well on Amazon! We didn’t notice it until we started tracking them like this in August. Desk has been in the Top 20 for ten out of the last 15 months. That’s not quite a regular, but it’s close. It reminds us of No. 3 “outdoor plastic straw rug;” it has been on the list for nine out of the last 15 months. (We don’t know why.)

No. 18 protein powder, up from #105

This keyword is rarely in the Top 20 Amazon Searches list. It only appeared once, at the bottom of the list, in September 2023. But it has a high Average click-through rate of 109%. It has been consistently popular among US shoppers, with only one month out of 15 having less than half a million searches.

No. 19 paper towels

This is the third-biggest riser of the month, jumping from 150th place. Only the two screamers did better. Let’s check it out.

It has an impressive Average CTR of over 100%. That’s something. But “paper towels” is not a very popular search on Amazon. It’s the first time it made the Top 20 Amazon Searches in 15 months.

That wraps up the 11 climbers and screamers! These were the hottest items for Amazon shoppers in January. Nothing new from last month, which was all about Christmas gifts and Prime Video releases.

Now, let’s have a look at the Top 100 Amazon Searches in January. Maybe we’ll find something that could help you sell more on Amazon.

More of the most searched items on Amazon in January

No. 49 shoe rack

We said before that a keyword with more clicks than searches shows good “buyer intent.” That’s what we want as sellers, right? So, we looked for those keywords among the most searched items. The only one we found between No. 26 “Valentine’s Day gifts for him” and No. 49 “shoe rack” was this one. Let’s check out “shoe rack” in Keyword Tool, okay?

Why not both: “shoe rack” could be a “Valentine’s Day gift for him,” too, right? Do any of you sell shoe racks? Because this keyword has the “Highest Average CTR of the Month” at 129%. It beat the other one by a lot. And the 15-mo trend lines are not even close. “Shoe rack” shopper searches are steady all year.

No. 67 shower curtain

Another keyword with more clicks than searches on January’s most-searched items list is “shower curtain.” This could be a fun product to sell, right? Let’s see what it looks like.

Wow! “Shower curtain” just took the “Highest Average CTR of the Month” crown from “shoe rack.” It has 136% over the last 12 months. And check this out: the 15-mo trend line is almost the same as shoe racks! Interesting.

This could be a great niche on Amazon. Do you want to sell something there? If you do, check out the Related Searches table in the Keyword Tool. You’ll find plenty of inspiration.


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