These 3 Items Make Your Amazon Driver Dread Your Delivery

Amazon driver Jennifer Lewis has gone viral for revealing the top three things she wishes customers would stop ordering online.

Her list has struck a chord with many, and it’s a reminder of the hard work and dedication that goes into delivering our packages.

Lewis says that she wants customers to be more mindful of their orders and to avoid ordering heavy or bulky items that can be difficult to deliver.

She also asks that customers provide clear and accurate delivery instructions and that they be patient and understanding when it comes to delays.

Her message is simple: we need to be more respectful of the people who work hard to get our packages to us.

What Your Amazon Driver Wants You to Stop Ordering Online

Think about what it’s like to be an Amazon driver during the holiday rush – a time when online shopping turns the world into a madhouse of orders and deliveries.

You might assume these drivers are preparing for a boxing match, not just dropping off packages.

They’re the real heroes of Christmas, carrying everything from the newest gadgets to the kitchen sink, and sometimes even the whole kitchen!

And speaking of heavy, let’s look at some facts.

On a normal day, Amazon drivers deliver up to 350 packages.

During the festive season, Amazon does more deliveries than Santa on his most hectic night.

It’s as if Santa, his elves, and the reindeer decided to quit and let Amazon take over. The numbers are mind-blowing – millions of packages flying across the world faster than you can say “Rudolph.”

Now, imagine an Amazon driver arriving at your street with a delivery that could challenge even Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s not just a package; it’s a trial of strength, a feat of stamina. These drivers deserve a medal and a massage.

So, this Christmas, as you open your gifts, take a moment to thank the hidden Santas – the Amazon drivers who work hard to make your holiday happen.

And if you’re thinking of ordering a life-sized dinosaur sculpture or a grand piano for next year, maybe think twice. After all, they have enough weight to lift!

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Here are the Three Things Your Amazon Driver Hates Delivering:

Kitty Litter:

It’s heavy. And it runs out quickly, so people keep ordering it on Amazon. She wants you to just buy it at the supermarket. I mean, it’s simple.

Dog Food:

Who does this? (Except maybe old, weak people.) Those bags can be 30, 40, or even 50 pounds. And it’s something you can find at grocery stores or Petco. Move your butts, people!

Bottled Water:

Amazon offers 40 packs, and they’re not light. It’s another thing you can easily get at a grocery store or Costco.

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