How Amazon’s AI bot guides you to buy more products from its platform

Rufus is the name of Amazon’s new shopping assistant, and it’s currently available for some customers.

Meet Rufus, the AI shopping assistant from Amazon that shares its name with the company’s corgi mascot. Rufus is powered by Amazon’s products, customer reviews, and web data, and can help you with product queries, comparisons, recommendations, and more.

Rufus is in beta mode and only available for a limited number of customers. To chat with Rufus, open the Amazon app and type or answer your questions using the search bar. You will see a Rufus chat window at the bottom of your screen, which you can enlarge to see the answer, choose from suggested questions, or ask something else.

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Rufus is Amazon’s AI chatbot that started showing up on product pages for some users this month. Rufus can help you with questions like “What are good gifts for Valentine’s Day?” or “What are the differences between trail and road running shoes?” You can also ask Rufus about a specific product on Amazon, like “Is this jacket machine washable?” Rufus will use the product listing, customer reviews, and community Q&As to give you an answer.

The video above shows that Rufus will also suggest questions even if you’re searching for something simple, like “coffee maker.” I don’t know if I want more things on my screen when I search, but I’ll have to see for myself if it’s helpful.

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