After Black Friday Success, Amazon Continues Holiday Shopping Deals

Amazon’s Black Friday Sales Break Records Despite Employee Strikes

Amazon had the largest Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the company’s 29-year history, even as some employees went on strike.

The company sold 1 billion items in 11 days of extended promotional deals in November. This was despite the “biggest ever global strike” by the activist campaign Make Amazon Pay on Friday, which demanded better pay and labor conditions for workers.

Amazon says customers ordered more than 500 million products through independent sellers throughout the holiday shopping event. The company also reported millions of signups for Prime membership during the period.

Amazon had some notable marketing successes during this quarter, including the first-ever Black Friday NFL game between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins.

The holiday shopping boom wasn’t limited to Amazon. Shopify also turned in record Black Friday numbers.

Amazon says shoppers saved nearly 70% more on their purchases compared with the same period a year ago. The company also says customers can look forward to “millions more deals” from now through December 24. Amazon also reported that delivery speeds for Prime members in the U.S. are the fastest yet in the company’s history.

Amazon noted that merchants offering holiday deals through “Buy with Prime” experienced, in the aggregate, a 300% jump in units purchased over the comparable period in October.

Amazon shares dropped about 0.5% on Tuesday following the holiday sales event, but they’ve posted gains of more than 70% so far in 2023.

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