Favorite Kitchen Gifts at Amazon Start at $5

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be challenging, especially when you have a limited budget. But if you have someone who enjoys cooking or baking on your list, you’re in luck — I have some great ideas for you.

As someone who has worked as a pastry cook and a shopping writer, I know a thing or two about kitchen essentials (and desires). That’s why I’ve rounded up some of the best under-$30 items you can find on Amazon right now. Whether you’re looking for a silicone spatula for your baking buddy, a mortar and pestle for your cooking pal, or a special coffee mug for your caffeine fan, I’ve got you covered. Check out 12 of my favorite picks below, starting from just $5.

Best Kitchen Gifts Under $30 at Amazon 

This versatile tool is a must-have for any kitchen. Whether you love baking or cooking, you will find many uses for it. It can help you smooth out the frosting on cakes, spread batter evenly in pans, or drizzle chocolate on desserts. Its thin and flat design makes it ideal for these tasks. But it can also handle savory dishes, such as layering lasagna, applying sauces on bread, or stuffing dough.

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Ateco 4.25-Inch Ultra Offset Spatula, $5 (originally $8)

This wooden spatula from this brand is my everyday kitchen companion. It has a simple but effective design: a 13-inch long utensil with a narrow top and a wide bottom. The bottom is flat and paddle-shaped, which makes it easy to flip, scrape, and stir food in the pan. I use it for sauteing and stir-frying, but also for mixing pasta and serving salads. It can even scrape food from the cutting board to the pan with its thin edge. This is a product that you will appreciate once you try it.

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Earlywood 13-Inch Handmade Wooden Cooking Utensil, $19

If you love desserts, you need this ingredient in your pantry. It’s a magic paste that will make your icing or whipped cream irresistible. It’s made of water and sugar, with specks of vanilla bean seeds. It also has vanilla extract for extra flavor. It gives you the purest vanilla taste without the hassle of scraping pods. I like to use it with vanilla extract in my recipes, but I save this paste for the final touch in icings, whipped cream, puddings and custards, caramel, and more.

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Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Bean Paste, $15 (originally $19)

These pasta bowls are a great gift for anyone who enjoys food, whether they cook it or order it. They are so versatile that they can replace almost any other dish in your kitchen. They have a wide shape and shallow walls that can hold any kind of food. I use them for everything from homemade gnocchi to Thai green curry and rice to fudgy brownies with ice cream. They come in a set of six, which is very convenient because I use them all the time. And they are only $29, which is a bargain.

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Y Yhy 6-Piece 30-Ounce Pasta Bowl Set, $29 (originally $37)

If you love baking and cooking, you will adore this tiny whisk. It is only 6 inches long, but it can do wonders for small tasks that a big whisk can’t handle, such as beating a few eggs or blending dressings or sauces in a cup or a small bowl. It has a stylish stainless steel handle with a hook for easy hanging and a classic balloon whisk head that can whip up anything.

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Kuhn Rikon 6-Inch Balloon Wire Whisk, $14

Maldon’s sea salt is a flaky finishing salt that can elevate any dish, sweet or savory, with its crunchy texture and salty flavor. I have an 8.5-ounce box that has lasted me for years, so it is a great value for money. I sprinkle it on everything, from the cornbread I baked for Thanksgiving, to the brown butter chocolate chunk cookies I will make for the holidays. It also works well on salads, roasted vegetables, and anything else that needs some saltiness and crunch.

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Maldon Sea Salt, $6 (originally $7)

A cast iron skillet is a must-have for any kitchen, and this $20 one from Lodge is a great gift idea. It can last a lifetime if you take good care of it, and it can cook and bake dishes as no other material can. My parents have this same skillet (which we also tested and loved) and I think it’s an amazing piece to give to someone who doesn’t have one yet. They will love using it for recipes like crispy salmon or golden biscuits, and they will appreciate its quality and versatility.

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Lodge 10.25-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, $20 (originally $34)

Fellow products are amazing, and I have my eye on their Carter coffee mug. It keeps your coffee hot with its double-wall insulation, and it has a ceramic coating inside to preserve the flavor of your coffee from the stainless steel. This mug is the best wide-mouth mug we have ever tried because it has a large opening that makes it easy to drink from. It also has a leak-proof lid that prevents any spills. This is the ideal gift for coffee lovers.

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Fellow Carter Coffee Mug, $28 (originally $35)

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a baker, you can’t go wrong with the GIR silicone spatula. This spatula has everything you need to make your baking easier and more enjoyable. It is sturdy enough to handle thick batters, but also flexible and lightweight to fit your hand comfortably. The spatula has a clever design that allows you to cut, fold, and scrape with ease. The sharp edges can slice through any mixture, while the round shape can hug the curves of any bowl. The GIR silicone spatula is the ultimate baking tool that will make anyone happy.

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GIR: Get It Right Premium Silicone Spatula, $13

Professional bakers know that measuring by weight is the only way to achieve consistent and accurate results. That’s why they need a reliable and versatile kitchen scale that can handle any recipe. This scale (the one I use and love) is the ideal gift for anyone who loves baking. It can weigh in different units, such as grams, ounces, and pounds. It has a raised platform that makes it easy to read the display. It will make your baking experience more enjoyable and precise. This scale is the key to unlocking a world of baking perfection.

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Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale, $25 (originally $27)

If you want to surprise someone with a unique and useful gift, you should consider getting them a Pullman pan. This pan is designed to make perfect sandwich bread with its tall, narrow shape and sharp corners. I used to bake without this pan, but now I can’t imagine my kitchen without it. It makes the most amazing quick breads, like pumpkin bread or banana bread, that look like they came from a bakery. They have a tall and full shape that makes every slice satisfying. You can also use it for yeasted bread if you prefer. The pan comes in two sizes, but I recommend the small 4 by 4 by 9-inch pan for the best results. If you think your giftee will use it more for yeasted bread, you might want to get the one with the lid (it costs a bit more, though).

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USA Pan Small Pullman Loaf Pan, $20 (originally $25)

Nothing beats the old-fashioned way of preparing ingredients with a mortar and pestle. This tool has been around for centuries, but it still has its charm and benefits. A granite mortar and pestle is a great choice because it can crush and grind anything you put in it. The hard surface and the ridges can create amazing textures and flavors. This ChefSofi one is on my wishlist because I want to use it for making my fresh toasted spices, pesto, and green curry paste. This is the perfect gift for the cook who loves to make everything from scratch with their own hands.

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ChefSofi Mortar and Pestle Set, $25 (originally $42)

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