The Benefits of Choosing 2Checkout as Your Online Payment Solution

As more and more online stores emerge in the digital age, one of the essential factors for a successful online business is selecting a trustworthy and efficient payment gateway.

This service enables you to integrate on your website the option of paying for products by credit card, e-wallet, and more. In this article, you will learn about the 2Checkout payment system, which offers all these features.

What Is 2Checkout?

2Checkout is a global leader in online payment processing. The company started in 2002 in the USA and now has a presence in many countries, such as the UK, Ireland, Brazil, and Australia.

The service allows transactions with both credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and well-known payment systems (PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more). Users from 212 countries can pay in 26 currencies, and the interface supports 12 languages.

Features Of The 2Checkout Service

Various integration options. The seller can embed a payment form on the website so that the buyer does not leave the site.

This improves conversion and trust in the business. You can also direct the client to a secure payment page on the 2Checkout website. Furthermore, you can use API to sync processes for automation.

Working with 2Checkout is as simple as purchasing an Aetna insurance policy.
Customization options for payment forms.

You can modify the look of the form to fit the overall style of your site. The service lets you add a logo, pick colors, fonts, backgrounds, and more.
Fair commission.

Fees per transaction go from 3.5% to 6% depending on monthly payment volume, which is much lower than most competitors.

Test store feature. To check the transaction acceptance process before launch, you can create a test online store. Here you can emulate a purchase, fix the data processing process, and verify that all options work correctly before moving on to real sales.

User-friendly personal account. Here you can track payment statistics in real-time, download reports, set up notifications, manage returns, and more.

Tariff Plans Of The 2Checkout Payment System

2Checkout is a popular platform that attracted 8.6 million devices to its global traffic in 2023, thanks to its appealing tariff plans.

2Sell. This is a basic plan that lets you sell products to over 200 countries. You only pay a commission of 3.5% plus 0.30 euros per transaction.

2Subscribe. This is a plan for businesses that offer physical goods on a subscription basis and get recurring payments from customers. The service fee is 4.5% plus 0.40 euros per payment. It also gives you insights and more for subscription sellers.

2Monetize. This is an option for digital product sellers. The commission rate is 6% plus €0.50 per transaction. It also enables you to send invoices through the 2Checkout payment system interface, and access 45 additional payment methods and tools to optimize conversion.

You can activate any tariff plan for free. You only pay the commission after you make a sale.

Who Can Accept Payment Via 2Checkout?

Online stores are the main users of 2Checkout. This payment gateway allows you to receive payments for both physical and digital goods, deliver digital content automatically after payment, and create subscriptions and recurring payments.

The service is also useful for:

Freelancers. The system lets them receive payments by turning their work into a digital product – such as a design project, a code snippet, or a written text.

Coaches and consultants. They can create digital products for their consultations, courses, and webinars and get paid for them.
Services and programs. They can easily set up recurring payments for subscription renewals or one-time payments for in-app purchases for their mobile apps and cloud services.

Moreover, the platform can benefit tutors, web studios, lawyers, psychologists, and other professionals who can offer their services online as digital goods.

Disadvantages Of  The  2Checkout Payment System

Before concluding the 2Checkout payment gateway review, let’s look at its main drawbacks:

The system holds 5% of the payment amount for 90 days. This is to ensure refunds and prevent fraud.
Delays in withdrawals after account suspension.

If your account is terminated by the service, you can only withdraw money from it within 3 months.
High fines for excessive refunds and chargebacks. If the refund rate of your account goes beyond 1% of all payments, the system may charge you an extra $500 for each additional percentage of refunded money.

If you like to transfer money with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, you should be aware that 2Checkout does not allow you to buy cryptocurrencies. However, you can use 2Checkout to deposit money into your trading account if your crypto exchange accepts 2Checkout (for instance, you can use Binance).


Modern economies rely on payment systems that offer convenience, speed, and security for people and businesses to make financial transactions. The 2Checkout service is a valuable option.

You can access the service from anywhere in the world – whether you are in the financial hub of New York or a quaint Italian town by the sea.

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