How to enable online payments in your mobile app using a payment gateway

A payment gateway is a key component for any company that wants to offer mobile app-based products or services. It ensures the secure transfer of sensitive cardholder data and enables online payments.

The complexity of integrating a payment gateway into a mobile app depends on the amount of manual, backend development needed. Various modern, ready-made payment gateways can easily fit into mobile apps and suit the mobile user experience. However, for companies with specific or custom needs, integrating a payment gateway is more challenging, requiring extensive knowledge of app development, IT security, and compliance requirements.

What is a payment gateway?

With a payment gateway, you can collect credit and debit card information from customers. It then sends the payment information securely for processing. Gateway technology allows customers to easily pay for products and services with a credit or debit card. Because customers interact with a gateway directly, it is often called “front-end” software.

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