A study reveals the biggest annoyances for ecommerce customers in the holidays

A lot of shoppers get frustrated and leave a website if it takes too long to load, according to a new survey by Contentsquare. The survey also found that many customers change their minds about buying something if they have trouble with a discount code at checkout.

Online shoppers have a lot of complaints about holiday shopping, a new survey by Contentsquare shows. Some of the things that make them angry are:

  • Websites that are too slow (20%)
  • Too many pop-ups (19%)
  • Items that are sold out (19%)
  • No easy ways to pay like Apple Pay or PayPal (17%)

Bad search results or websites that don’t work on mobile (both 9%) Discount codes that don’t work (8%) John O’Melia from Contentsquare said that online shoppers want a smooth and hassle-free experience. He said that shoppers are more likely to leave their carts or click angrily on the website if they face these problems. He said that retailers who don’t fix these issues will lose a lot of customers and sales.

Key Reasons for Cart Abandonment During Holiday Shopping

A lot of shoppers said they would leave a website or app if it’s too slow, according to a new survey by Contentsquare. The survey also said that many shoppers might not buy something if they have problems with a discount code at the checkout page. Some other things that stopped shoppers from buying were no free shipping (25%) and a slow or crashing checkout page (15%).

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Contentsquare asked 649 people in the US about their holiday shopping in November 2023. They sent them an email and made sure they had the same number of men and women. If you want to know more about the survey, you can ask Contentsquare for more details.

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