Zion Williamson Trash Talks Kids, Dunks On Them Mercilessly


One can argue that the best genre of offseason basketball videos is the one that involves professional basketball players hanging out with children and reminding them that they are nowhere near as good as they are. A recent example came when Boban Marjanovic went to a camp and kindly invited kids to try and score on him, only to send their sh*t to another county because he is very tall.

Are you ready for a new one? Well, my assumption is you are because you clicked on this post, but, whatever: Here is a video of Zion Williamson, a physical marvel by basically any way you cut it, going to a gym and challenging a bunch of kids to play 1-on-1 against him. The children try to play some level of defense against the New Orleans Pelicans

star, but instead, they learn the hard way that Zion is better at basketball than they are.

The cool thing with this video — namely that second clip — is that Zion is probably going at, like, 1.5 percent of his max effort. This is way more than most athletes do in these videos, because they tend to kinda just stand there and wait for something to happen before humbling some kids. But not Zion, and for that reason, this is a good video.


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