Woman Moves Into Dog Shelter To Help Pit Bull Get Adopted


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According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million animals enter shelters nationwide every year. And each year, about 1.5 million of these shelter animals are euthanized.

Thankfully, this story is one of the happy ones … though it took years to come to fruition.

A 4-year-old pit bull/boxer mix named Drools spent nearly two years at the Conour Animal Shelter in southern Colorado.

Though Drools is a friendly, affectionate lover of a pup, he was having a really difficult time matching with a family. But the staff refused to give up on him.


Enter Kacey Widetich, the founder and executive director of the Relay for Rescue organization for animal welfare.


Kacey went above and beyond for Drools and literally moved into the shelter on October 22, 2020, to live with Drools and help him find his forever family. She specifically wanted to help “market” Drools by sharing his story, photos, and updates on social media.

Thanks to her efforts, Drools went viral, he had his own feature in People magazine, and his adorable face was posted on websites throughout the world.


“If my spending the night in the shelter for a few nights helps even one dog get adopted, I will have done my job,” Kacey told KDRO. “But I’m not stopping at just one — they ALL deserve a second chance at happily ever after.”

Drools had spent 729 long days at the shelter. And just 12 nights into Kacey’s stay at Conour Animal Shelter, he got his happy ending.

Watch the video below to meet this amazing dog and his awesome new dad.


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