Wild Elephant Raids Family’s Garden Patio In Search Of Food


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This is a pretty insane moment captured on camera. Arisa and her husband, who live in eastern Thailand, were home one evening when they heard strange noises coming from their garden patio.

They ran outside to find an 8-foot-tall wild male elephant reaching his trunk over the fence and rummaging through their table!

The massive creature must have been thirsty, because he was trying very hard to make off with their bottles of water — as the couple stood there in shock.

“Go away, elephant! Don’t eat that, it’s not good!” they shouted.


Her husband shined a flashlight in his direction, hoping it would scare him off, and it did … but only for a few minutes.


Lo and behold, the elephant came back moments later and continued looking for food and/or water bottles to take. At one point he even picked up a piece of clothing on the table.

“There are lots of elephants in the wild near us, but we’ve never had one come so close to use before,” Arisa told Newsflare. “It was very scary.”


The elephant left and disappeared back into the forest. Luckily, no one was hurt, though Arisa says she was up all night worrying he’d return.

See the surreal moment in the clip below.

Video credit: Newsflare


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