‘When Twitter Speaks, The League Has To Make Decisions’


Diana Taurasi is active for Game 3 of the WNBA Finals after making contact with the officials during a tense moment of Game 2, as the league decided to fine her $2,500 rather than suspend her as the league’s rule book technically states she should be.

Asked about the fine pregame, Taurasi was nonchalant.

“When Twitter speaks, the league has to make decisions, right?” Taurasi said, with her usual dose of sarcasm.


During a dust-up between Phoenix Mercury forward Sophie Cunningham and Chicago Sky wing Kahleah Copper, a referee sprung into action and stood atop the two players. Taurasi, likely seeking to clear the area and avoid further issue for her teammate, grabbed ahold of a referee and moved her to the side.


But rather than enforce the rule to the letter of the law, the WNBA determined that Taurasi would instead be fined.

“I’m used to giving donations,” Taurasi said. “I felt like it’s been a while. It’s for a good cause.”

Always the trash talker and carrying a legendary reputation for confrontation with officials, Taurasi is no stranger to controversy. However, she made quite the wave with her decision on Wednesday to touch the referee, and though she joked before Game 3 about Twitter having sway, Taurasi actually got off much lighter than the internet seemed to want.


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