When Family Loses Everything They Own In A Fire, A Local Teen Comes Back To Them With A New Home


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Ryan and Ayleen Apathy are a married couple from Florida who both work as nurses while raising their sons, ages 5 and 7.

In the midst of the pandemic and all the stresses of their jobs, they suffered an unimaginable tragedy.

A horrific house fire broke out and destroyed everything they owned. They even lost their beloved dog.

Ryan and Ayleen had no one to turn to and no where to go. So their coworkers organized an online fundraiser to help.


But then an unexpected guardian angel stepped in … in the form of a local teenager named Steven.


Steven Ferreiro, 16, heard about the Apathy’s story and knew he wanted to help the first responders.

He was especially anxious to help knowing they had two little boys to take care of.


Steven contacted a real estate company in his area and set out on a mission to completely change the circumstances for this family in need. What an awesome kid.

In the clip below, courtesy of Inside Edition, see the moment Steven hands over the keys to Ryan and Ayleen’s new home away from home.

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