What To Do First In The Campaign For ‘Halo Infinite’


Halo Infinite might be taking over the world right now thanks to an incredible free to play multiplayer mode, but longtime fans of the series are eagerly anticipating the release of the upcoming campaign mode. Not only because we need to see how Master Chief is going to save the galaxy this time, but because it’s going to be a completely new Halo experience.

Infinite is taking the series into an open world environment and it is not a small one. The Zeta Halo that Infinite takes place on is huge and when players are thrown into it they might find it a little overwhelming, especially as icons start to appear on the map with new objectives. Thankfully, the game does a good job of guiding us along on what to do next, but eventually, the chains will come off and it’s going to be up to the player to make their own decisions. While some players might feel inclined to just immediately jump right back into the next campaign mission we strongly suggest exploring the world a bit and seeing what Infinite has to offer. Still not sure where to start though? Don’t worry, we got a chance to play the campaign early so we know exactly how the player should focus their time in those early hours.

Upgrade Your Grappleshot

With a world as massive as the one in Halo Infinite the player is going to want to find a way to get around it as easily as possible. That’s why we think the very first thing the player should do before anything else is take any upgrade points they’ve collected and put them into upgrading the Grappleshot. Equipment is a big part of Master Chief’s arsenal in Infinite and easily the best one is the Grappleshot. This multi-use tool allows Master Chief to latch on to enemies, hijack vehicles, and pull himself across walls. It also happens to be a very good device for getting around quickly when Master Chief is without a vehicle or is moving vertically.


Once fully upgraded, the Grappleshot becomes an excellent tool for maneuvering around not only the world but in firefights. By endgame, the world of Infinite is throwing entire armies at you and fights can get hectic. There will be scenarios when sprint isn’t cutting it and the Grapplehook becomes the best means of escape while also allowing the player to stay on the offensive. It’s a great tool and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Get it maxed out as quickly as possible to reap the early game benefits.


Capture FOBs

When Chief reaches Zeta Halo he quickly discovers that his allies, the UNSC, have been decimated. A big part of Infinite‘s side campaign is helping the UNSC get back on its feet so it has a fighting chance against the game’s main antagonists, The Banished. Of course, no work goes without its rewards, and Infinite has some pretty good ones. Every time Chief helps out the UNSC he receives Valor. As he collects Valor he eventually gains access to better guns, vehicles, etc., and the way he accesses these are locations called FOBs. These FOBs act as mini bases for Chief to fast travel, restock, and more importantly spawn in vehicles.

Getting around the world of Halo Infinite can be a challenge and the player is going to want to lessen those challenges whenever possible. FOBs are a no-brainer option for players to focus on because of the rewards they give. Not to mention that most of these are on the way to major objectives so it’s just a no-brainer to capture them even if it require going off the beaten path a little. Trust us, it’s all worth it the first time a Scorpion drops down.

Eliminate Enemies Of Interest

Halo has always had fun weapons, but 343 Industries really wanted to put its mark on Infinite with the weapon selection. Not only are there four different weapon types to cause chaos with, but now some of these weapons have special variants that the player can unlock, and call in from a FOB, when they eliminate the enemies of interest spread out throughout the map.

One thing Halo Infinite did really well was the special characters. It’s hard to do a good boss fight in a first-person shooter, let alone a mini-boss, but Infinite really nailed it with the enemies of interest. Spread out across the world are members of The Banished that have earned a negative reputation among the UNSC. All these characters are rocking a special gun that is unique to them, but when Master Chief eliminates them he gains access to that gun variation. As soon as these options start to appear on the map, go out and eliminate a few of them to add their weapons. These not only help create a nice variety when fighting through waves of enemies, but they’re really fun to use and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters here. Fun.


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