What to Cook This Weekend

What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. The family-run Los Angeles restaurant El Cholo turns 100 this year. To mark the occasion, our colleague Kevin McKenna wrote a profile of the place and pulled out of its kitchen a recipe for the Sonora-style enchiladas (above) that have been on the menu since the very beginning.

That’s one meal for this weekend, then, adorned with both red enchilada sauce and green enchilada sauce — a delicious taste of a tradition that has made the restaurant a favorite destination for generations of Southern Californians.

But it’s not the only one. I’m also keen to cook Melissa Clark’s new recipe for lemony pasta with brown-butter almonds and arugula, a dish that I’ll probably revisit often in coming weeks because it evokes, for me, the warm, humid softness of Florida or the Amalfi coast of Italy — places far from the dry, chilly state where I reside. (This Carolina chicken bog performs a similar trick.)


And I’d like to make home fries to accompany either a stovetop steak for dinner or a plate of eggs Benedict for breakfast. Also, turkey and apple sandwiches for lunch, these cinnamon crumb cake muffins for afternoon snacking and a big pot of the easiest chicken noodle soup for dinner and the freezer — so when someone in my household inevitably gets sick again, comfort is but a defrost away.

Maybe some bulgogi-style tofu, while I’m at it? Or a Swedish almond cake? There’s never a wrong weekend to bake yourself mushroom Parm.

There are thousands and thousands more recipes to consider making this weekend on New York Times Cooking — and you can find further inspiration on TikTok

, Instagram and YouTube. Go see what you find!

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Now, you’d have to do a lot of work to make it have anything to do with food, but you should still read Julian Lucas’s profile of the artist Kehinde Wiley, in The New Yorker.

I’m sure everyone cool saw it when it came out, but I only recently got to Steven Soderbergh’s 2017 heist film “Logan Lucky.” It’s exceptionally fun and smart, like a modern-day Dickens comedy brought to the screen.

Less fun, also not new, but really enjoyable: “Mindhunter,” on Netflix, a period-piece thriller series about F.B.I. agents who profile serial killers.

Finally, Jeremiah Green, the drummer for Modest Mouse, died last week at 45. Here he is with his bandmates playing “Dashboard” in 2007, and you should listen to that a few times this weekend, loud. I’ll see you on Sunday.

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