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Good morning. Genevieve Ko recently joined our team, coming to us from The Los Angeles Times, where she was cooking editor. She’s in our Times this week with a smart, comforting, easy take on apple pie (above) that I think would make for a fine Sunday project for you at a time when pie seems very much in order.

What makes the pie stand out, Genevieve says, is that the recipe calls for using as many different varieties of apple as you can manage. Just pick one or two of each available at the market, soft and crisp alike, and you’ll end up with a beautifully complex filling, on top of a flaky, hand-formed crust.

Bake it, allow it to cool while you’re preparing this incredibly delicious Toni Tipton-Martin recipe for pork chops in lemon-caper sauce (excellent with rice and braised greens), and that’s a fine supper with which to end a too-short weekend that caps a very long week.


For Monday dinner, I think you should take a look at this roasted cauliflower gratin with tomatoes and goat cheese, warm with cinnamon and coriander.

And Tuesday looks good for three-cup chicken.

On Wednesday, how about cooking this roasted cod and potatoes situation, a classic Mark Bittman exercise in minimalism that looks great under a spray of chopped parsley. So good.

Then, on Thursday, you might take on this sheet-pan dinner of sweet-and-spicy roasted tofu and squash. (Take a hint from the notes beneath the recipe and line your sheet pan with parchment paper or foil, which will help in the cleanup.)

And, on Friday, you can run out the week with another classic of the oven-cooking form: baked ziti with sausage meatballs and spinach. Also with lots and lots of cheese. It’s delicious.


There are thousands more recipes to make this week awaiting you on NYT Cooking. Go take a look and see what you think. Save the recipes you want to make. (You can do that even if the recipe doesn’t come from our site or apps. Here’s how.) Then rate the ones you’ve made. And leave notes on recipes, as well, if you’d like to remind yourself of (or tell the world about) something you did differently or better.

Yes, all that requires a subscription. Subscriptions are what make this whole thing possible. If you haven’t done so already, I hope that you will think about subscribing today.

And please reach out for help if anything goes wrong along the way, with your cooking, with our technology. We’re at [email protected]. Someone will get back to you. (If not, you can escalate matters by writing me directly: [email protected]. I read every letter sent.)

Now, it’s a long drive down the road from anything to do with liver or onions, but Accidentally Wes Anderson is very soothing.

I think you’ll enjoy David Thomson in the London Review of Books, on two new biographies of Cary Grant.


It’s the chef Gordon Ramsay’s birthday. We have a recipe for that.

Finally, please read Hanif Abdurraqib on David Rawlings and Gillian Welch in The Times. (If you don’t know who they are, or haven’t heard them in a while, here they are playing “Orphan Girl” at the Newport Folk Festival back in 2008.) Enjoy that, and I’ll be back on Monday.

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