“We must never be silent again”: Omar Sy calls to “denounce police violence” in France

We must never be silent again Omar Sy calls to denounce police violence in France1
We must never be silent again Omar Sy calls to denounce police violence in France

After demonstrating in the United States, where he currently lives, for the Black Lives Matter movement, actor Omar Sy launches a petition against police violence in France.

He publishes on the L’Obs website an open letter in which he calls to “wake up,” demanding of his wishes a “police worthy of our democracy.”

In this call published in the wake of the protests for Adama Traore, the actor explains: “I walked for George Floyd in the United States.

The name of George Floyd carried many others echoing in my head. ‘Adama Traoré, in France “.


The actor of Intouchables had expressed his support for the family of Adama Traoré during the death of this young black man in 2016, after an arrest.

He has since supported his sister, who believes that the gendarmes are responsible for the death of Adama Traoré.

The death of Adama Traoré is as unjust and unworthy as that of George Floyd.
Omar Sy
in the Obs

“I am delighted that we are aware of this today, I am delighted to see tens of thousands of people from all walks of life surround with their strength the relatives of Adama Traoré, his brothers, his sister, Assa,” said Omar Sy again.

“Let us no longer be spectators of a violent system.”
“Let us look ahead, have the courage to denounce the police violence which is committed in France. Let us undertake to remedy it.


Let us no longer be spectators of a violent system”, he continues. “No matter what the threats or the pressures that come back, you should never be silent,” said Omar Sy.

He also calls “for change, for the questioning of a system that cannot claim justice without ending the organized impunity that has raged for decades.”

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