Watch Miles Teller’s Incredible Peyton Manning Impression On SNL


Saturday Night Live returned for the start of Season 48, where there is an awful lot of cast turnover and fresh faces making their debuts. To play into that, the premiere featured a rare cold open appearance from this week’s host, as Miles Teller delivered an unbelievably spot-on Peyton Manning impression for a “Manningcast” skit in which Peyton and Eli break down a rather disastrous Trump sketch from the cast.

It’s a great concept for the cold open, as it steers into the skid of introducing a bunch of new cast members by having Peyton and Eli poke fun at how bad they’re doing in a purposefully awful sketch. They weren’t done there, though, as they kept it going by bringing Jon Hamm in as the Manningcast’s guest, where he prodded at Teller with a joke about a random Shaun White appearance as desperation on an episode where the host doesn’t have much juice.


Teller’s impression of Peyton is truly sensational stuff, as he nails his mannerisms and cadence, while the skit pokes fun at efforts to be overly trendy, with cast members doing the Griddy for no reason and a Corn Kid impression weeks late for that to be relevant or funny. We’ll see how the rest of the season holds up, but for anyone wondering how they’d handle a lot of turnover, the cold open for the season premiere was one of the best in recent memory and provides some optimism for what some fresh faces will bring to the cast and writer’s room.


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