Viral TikTok Shows Workers Finding Out They’ve Been Laid Off


A viral TikTok captured the moment workers found out they were laid off as Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP) announced it is relocating to another state.

@kingmade_nuke22 is a former Amazon worker and TikToker with over 100,100 followers on TikTok. His video shows Amazon workers reacting to the news, and it’s received over 3.1 million views since being posted five days ago.

In the video, a woman is crying and is surrounded by other seemingly distraught Amazon workers while they are outside receiving the news.


The text overlay and text-to-speech effect note, referencing the woman, “Her boss laid everybody off because they’re moving into a new state.”

“I’ve been at Amazon for 2 years so the owner of the company decided to shut our job down and open up a DSP in another state! He decided to tell us today with no warning we have 2 weeks left Which means everybody is out a job people out here crying follow instagram show support,” @kingmade_nuke22 captioned the video.

Amazon DSP is, according to Small Business Trends, a program in which third-party entrepreneurs can partner with Amazon to start and run their own Amazon Delivery Service by employing drivers.

Many commenters are expressing their sympathy for the workers.


“Those are tears of a mother holding everything down on her own. I hope to god she gets another job ASAP. This is heartbreaking,” @tonyannieserv said.


“Praying another door opens for all of you!,” another user, @dscogginssss, wrote.

While some of the comments urged the laid-off workers to bootstrap, others pointed out that it may not be that simple for people with families.

“Plenty of jobs out there. There is a shortage of employees. Find the next contractor, very simple,” @justicedalion said.

“That’s not getting money for at least 3 to 5 weeks before unemployment kicks in. And they need a weekly check,” @johnnyjohn777 commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to @kingmade_nuke22 and Amazon DSP via TikTok message and email for comment.


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*First Published: Jan 18, 2022, 3:22 pm CST

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