Ukraine War: A Timeline of Attacks on Russian Territory

Ukraine War: A Timeline of Attacks on Russian Territory

Russia has suffered high-profile attacks since it invaded Ukraine in February. Some have taken place on Russian soil, while others have damaged or destroyed significant military assets. All have exposed security lapses embarrassing to the government in Moscow. In some cases, Ukraine has hinted that it is responsible.

In the latest incident, Russian officials said a Ukrainian drone had been shot down over the occupied city of Sevastopol, days after Ukrainian drones struck two bases deep inside Russia.

Here is a timeline of some other attacks.


Two low-flying Ukrainian helicopters crossed into Russia and fired on an oil depot in the city of Belgorod, 20 miles from the border. The attack, which occurred on April 1 and reported by a regional governor, was the first time since the full-scale invasion began on Feb. 24 that Russia reported a Ukrainian airstrike on its territory.

Explosions also ripped through oil depots in late April in the Russian city of Bryansk, a logistical hub less than 100 miles from the Ukrainian border.

In mid-April, two Ukrainian Neptune missiles hit Russia’s flagship, the Moskva, in the Black Sea, about 65 nautical miles south of Odesa, Ukraine. The ship later sank, and many sailors died. The Russian government said only that the ship had sunk after an accidental fire caused by an explosion.

Afterward, some Russian commentators asked why the pride of the country’s Black Sea fleet had not been better protected.

Explosions on Aug. 9 struck the Saki Air Base in Crimea, a region illegally annexed by Moscow in 2014. The Russian authorities said munitions stored at the site had blown up, but satellite images appeared to show at least eight wrecked warplanes. A senior Ukrainian official said the blasts had been an attack carried out with the help of partisans.


Daria Dugina, the daughter of a prominent Russian nationalist, was killed when her vehicle blew up in a Moscow suburb on Aug. 20. U.S. officials later said they believed that Ukraine’s government had authorized the attack, and some said they suspected that Ms. Dugina’s father, Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian ultranationalist, was the actual target.

Early on Oct. 8, an explosion destroyed part of a road and rail bridge that connects Russia with the Crimean Peninsula and had served as the main supply route for its forces in southern Ukraine.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia had claimed personal credit for the bridge project, driving a truck along its 12-mile length when it opened in 2018.

Russia accused Ukraine of launching a drone attack on its Black Sea Fleet in Crimea and said that one minesweeper had sustained minor damage. A senior Ukrainian official said the vessel had been severely damaged. Video, never confirmed, later emerged of a sea drone heading toward a ship as gunfire peppers the water around it.

In some of the boldest attacks on Russian soil since the war began, Ukrainian drones struck two military airports more than 300 miles inside Russian territory, including one that Ukraine said had served as a launchpad for bombers attacking its energy grid. The next day, a drone hit an oil facility near an airfield in the Russian province of Kursk.


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