Twitter Roasts Report That Says ‘Average Americans’ are Buying $90 Wine


MarketWatch has caused social media uproar over a tweet implying inflation has driven “average Americans” to pay $90 for one bottle of wine. “Average Americans” is now trending on Twitter as users offer scathing takedowns of the report.

On Nov. 12, MarketWatch published a story about growing consumer concerns over inflation, including quotes from investors saying the Fed has “lost control” of inflation. 

The article goes on to cite, without a source, that “average Americans are paying as much as $100 to $200 for a single concert ticket, $90 for a bottle of wine, and $5 a gallon for gas.” 


Social media quickly jumped on the eye-popping numbers, calling them out of touch.

Political writer Bob Cesca joked that users who can only find $90 bottles, might not need another glass.

“Good job cherrypicking. If average Americans can’t find a bottle of wine for less than $90, they should probably stop drinking and Google the correct way to buy things with money.”

“Average Americans know a bottle of wine is NOT $90, concert tickets have been $100-200 for decades, and this Market Watch headline is hysterically dishonest,” said @mmpadellan trashing the statistic.

“There is zero chance that average Americans are paying $90 for a bottle of wine or $5 for a gallon of gas,” commented @dandrezner, calling into question the validity of the statement.

@LeonShe3 tweeted about the “average Americans” in question.


And @profstevek tapped into the Lucille Bluth of it all.

MarketWatch has since deleted the original tweet and corrected the article.

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*First Published: Nov 20, 2021, 4:31 pm CST


Dan Latu

Dan Latu is a freelance journalist writing about the internet and culture. Previously, his work has appeared in the Real Deal and Columbia News Service.

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