Tourism: what if you go on a cycling holiday this summer?

Tourism what if you go on a cycling holiday this summer
Tourism what if you go on a cycling holiday this summer

Inexpensive and exotic, cycle tourism is gaining more and more followers. Mayennais who have adopted this mode of travel give some advice.

“When you travel by bike, the important thing is not the destination, but the way you get there,” says David Seurin. And he knows what he’s talking about. Co-founder of the association La Roue libre in Mayenne, he has been practising cycle tourism for several years.

“Cycling is more than a mode of travel, it is a way of life,” smiles the man who quotes a journey between Mayenne and Sarthe, at the age of 13, as a trigger. “I went cycling with a friend, it was an adventure! ”

An experience on the roads that he wanted to share with his children. “Two years ago, we started from Mayenne towards Ouistreham on the VéloFrancette,” he says. The first evening, the family camped on a farm.


We were only 15 km from home and yet it was a change of scenery! ”

Because that’s what cycling holidays are all about, disconnection guaranteed. “By bike, we are anchored in the present, we observe everything that is happening around us, we take the time, there is no monotony,” says David Seurin.

“We break the rhythm of everyday life”

“We are breaking the rhythm of everyday life,” confirms Mikaël Le Berre. Also on the initiative of The Freewheel, he has experienced cycling holidays much more recently.

“In November, with my partner, we wanted to leave for a European capital without flying. They inquire to leave by train. “But it was too expensive,” he says. The couple decided to go closer, but by bike to stick with their ecological commitments.

“We went to Noirmoutier, mainly by greenways,” explains Mikaël Le Berre. An experience that they repeated at the end of the containment between the Mayenne and the Orne.


2,800 km to Budapest

For their first bike trip, two years ago, Valérie and Jean-Christophe saw it big. The athletic couple travelled 2,800 km in five weeks to reach Budapest on Euro Vélo 6.

“We were taken for madmen, laughs Jean-Christophe. But we wanted a zero-carbon vacation. “A long journey that went off without a hitch. “Only the return to sedentary life was difficult,” admits the Mayennais.

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Adapt the number of kilometres according to your level

And to get started, everyone agrees that it is not necessary to have a lot of means or state-of-the-art equipment.

All you need is a bicycle in good condition and to know how to repair a puncture, “says David Seurin.

Then, everyone is free to adapt the number of kilometres to cover each day according to their level. “We are fortunate to have many greenways from Mayenne, it is safe and accessible for families. The France Vélo Tourisme site allows you to create your itinerary.

“There is real sympathy for cycle tourists”

On the equipment side, you shouldn’t charge too much. “Two bags were enough for us,” says Jean-Christophe. And for accommodation, in addition to traditional campsites and door-to-door, the Warmshowers site offers cycle tourists around the world free accommodation solutions.


“I never had a problem with housing,” says David Seurin. There is real sympathy for cycle tourists. ”

So, to those who had no plans for this summer, no more excuses!

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