TikToker’s Airbnb Opens Into Restaurant Dining Room


A TikTok creator assumed her New York City Airbnb was going to be more private, but quickly realized that it was directly connected to a restaurant dining room.

Desiree Baker (@desireerosebaker) uploaded a video on Sunday from her Airbnb, showing people what her booking looked like online. The listing advertised a view overlooking the Manhattan skyline. When she opened her windows, she found a completely different scene.

“There’s no buildings, we’re in a restaurant,” Bakers says in the video, “Let me show you.”


She then records the view outside of her window, which appears to look directly into a restaurant and overlooks a table placed against the window.

“HOW IS THIS LEGAL you literally [cannot] make this up. I can open the window and touch their table,” Baker wrote in the caption.

Since the video was posted, it has received over 5 million views. Viewers replied with their reactions to Baker’s video, with one comment saying, “When you said ‘in a restaurant’ I did not anticipate people RIGHT THERE.”

Others suggested playing pranks on the guests, “AirDrop them a photo of themselves” and made jokes like “I think you’re their server bestie.” Many of the comments suggested that she contact Airbnb to get a full refund because the room was “falsely advertised.”


In a follow-up video, Baker decided to make the most of the experience and went to visit the restaurant. She realized that the windows are made of one-way glass, so diners assume the windows are just mirrors. Baker has yet to explain the situation further.


In an email, a spokesperson for Airbnb told the Daily Dot that they “don’t know anything about it,” so they “can’t really comment.” In a reverse Google image search by Airbnb, they said the results presented a website for a residence called the Outpost Club.

The Daily Dot reached out to Baker and the Outpost Club for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2021, 4:58 pm CST

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