TikToker Shares How She Downloaded Ex’s Snapchat Data


A Snapchat hack for spying on your ex has blown up on TikTok, after one user posted proof of her success.

The original video, from Brooke (@brookeyoung), has now reached 1.7 million views. Now, thousands of commenters are begging for a how-to.

Brooke captioned the post “that one time i was able to hack into my ex’s sc account and literally found a way to see every message they sent/receive and from who.” She turns the camera to reveal a black-and-white file full of Snapchat data.


The video was set to a snippet of “Insane” by Summer Walker, a trending sound that TikTok users are using to share the crazy things they’ve done for love.

Users quickly flooded the comments with admiration for the Snapchat hack, but also to ask how they might use it for their ex.

@heychristina commented, “Women in stem.”

@madelinerenee13 said “I can’t believe some girls don’t trust their boyfriend …. Anyways where’s the tutorial.”

@ninaaa069 shared the sentiment saying, “This is so wrong .. how do I do it bestie.” 


“Imagine arguing with him and telling him ‘you texted her at 11:39 with 9 seconds,’” added @_denise_salvador

Others were less impressed, as @giammetteisstwin put it, “Y’all need help.”

“Just casually admits to committing a crime,” @apesatwork said.

“This is so wrong in so many levels if you feel the need to violate someone’s privacy don’t date them,” @xcassyopea said

Still, Brooke gave commenters what they wanted and posted a tutorial showing how she got the information. The method involves logging into a person’s Snapchat account to initiate a data download and retrieving the data from their associated email account.


According to Snap’s privacy policy, individuals are asked to verify their identities or provide additional information if they want to download their data. Snap can reject a request if it risks another individual’s privacy. It’s unclear how Snap asked Brooke to verify the account.

Snapchat and Brooke did not immediately return a request for comment. 

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*First Published: Jan 10, 2022, 4:30 pm CST


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