TikTok Update Allows Parents to Restrict What Teens Search For


TikTok is implementing new features that will expand parental controls for teens’ accounts.

The new features include allowing parents to customize who can comment on teens’ accounts, who can see videos they’ve liked, and whether the account is private or public. A discoverability feature can also limit what audio, hashtags, content, or users they can search.

In April, TikTok debuted Family Pairing, which gave more control to parents by allowing them to link to their kids’ accounts and customize settings for things like screen time and direct messaging. These new measures came after the company faced criticism—and a hefty FTC fine—for violating child privacy law, and not protecting data of users under 13.


TikTok does allow users under 13 on the app, in a “limited” and “age-appropriate” capacity—part of its TikTok for Younger Users effort. But in May a complaint was filed by 20 children’s and consumer groups alleging the company failed to follow through on promises to get parental consent to collect info, and that videos of underage users still remained on the app.

*First Published: Nov 17, 2020, 11:28 am

Audra Schroeder


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