This Fish From Vietnam Loves When Visitors Brush His Teeth


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For many of us, our first pet was a fish. Fish don’t really compare to dogs and cats, but they’re a great starter pet for those in need of learning responsibility.

As an added bonus, they’re a lot of fun to watch.

But not all fish are created equal. Your goldfish might not have seemed to have too much personality, but a fish in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, is getting so much attention for his quirky traits that people have offered big bucks to buy him from the restaurant he currently lives at. He’s a big fan of company and loves to show affection by having visitors brush his teeth.

Your first question may be, “Wait — do fish have teeth?” And the surprising answer is yes.


They just aren’t very noticeable from the outside like human teeth are.

Still, it’s a bit off for our aquatic friends to want someone to brush their teeth. And that’s yet another reason why this particular fish is so special. He’s a friendly guy, and he seems to really enjoy life. No wonder why he’s priceless. (And he is — his owner has proved that he’s quite the addition to his workplace.)

Since you probably won’t get to brush your own fish’s teeth anytime soon, you should consider watching this video from Newsflare to know what it’s actually like. And if you happen to feel inspired to buy a fish tank right afterward? It’d be hard to blame you.


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