This 2-Year-Old Girl From Slovakia Is Already A Master At Riding Horses


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There’s a popular saying that advises, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” While this saying isn’t always true, one thing is — learning new abilities is much easier for those who are young.

If you look at the Olympic athletes of our time, many of them got started with their sport at the ripe old age of 2 or 3.

Two-year-old Ela is proof that age shouldn’t stop you from trying something new. Already, she’s a pro with riding horses. Or at least, one pony in particular. Ela is from Slovakia, and her family has farmland in the countryside town of Novof. One of the animals on the farm is Boris the pony. Boris is a great size for Ela, who can’t reach the stirrups just yet — but still manages to keep the perfect balance


Hopefully, this is the start of a real passion for Ela. Based on her circumstances, she’ll grow up surrounded by horses and ponies. That said, the family does have more traditional pets at home as well. Ela’s mom, Klaudia, chatted with Newsflare and explained, “Besides horses, we have goats, dogs, and cats. She has been with me around horses since she was born.”

And that explains why she’s such a natural. Ela keeps calm and cool, proving that she’s not afraid of the pony whatsoever. In fact, the ponies may be scared of her! “She is fearless around them so we need to work on that because sometimes the animals are a little scared of her!” Klaudia continued. “But she’s getting better.”

Watch the video to see how fearless Ela really is.

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