These 2020-Themed Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For Your Dog


People have been having quite a time during the quarantine. No one could have anticipated this, and yet here we are, all thrust into a yearlong limbo.


We haven’t been alone in that journey, however. Our sweet pets have also been stuck home with us nonstop for months on end. For some of them, it’s a dream come true. Others, well … they value their space.

Regardless of which end of that spectrum your pet falls on, there’s a 2020 moment they can absolutely relate to. What better way to show it than with a Halloween costume?

A Rover survey of 1,000 dog owners found that 66% still plan on dressing up their furry friends for Halloween.

While it’ll be another night in for many, they still want to stay festive. Many are even choosing to pay homage to the absurdity of the last few months with 2020-themed Halloween costumes.


Those who say there’s nothing to look forward to this Halloween clearly have not thought about pet costumes. Whether you have a pet or will just get a glimpse of one in a Zoom meeting, we can all agree that pets in costumes will make the day just a little bit better.

Rover recently did a survey of 1,000 dog parents asking about their Halloween plans. They found that 66% of people planned on dressing up their pets, even if they’d just be staying in. For many, it’s the little things like Halloween costumes that keep them from being bummed about being home.


Of the parents excited to play dress-up, many will be drawing their inspiration from the wild year that’s been 2020. For dog parents, 41% said their dog’s costume will be tied to notable 2020 events and trends. The resulting costumes are hilarious, relatable, and kind of perfect.

‘Tiger King’

Tiger King was a major moment this year. Of course, cool cats and kittens are flocking to dress up their dogs as these wild characters. Any dog costume that incorporates a wig is making a serious statement.


Toilet Paper

quarantine-themed halloween costume toilet paper


Next up, there’s toilet paper. One of the moments we’ll never forget about 2020 is everyone’s mad rush to make sure they were stocked up on toilet paper. Memorialize it forever by dressing your pup up as a roll.

Zoom Calls

quarantine-themed halloween costumes zoom calls

Zoom calls have been a major part of the 2020 experience. Plenty of dogs have found ways to make appearances on Zoom calls, regardless of how important or official they’re meant to be. The more the merrier, we say, and this costume reflects just that.

Sourdough Loaf

quarantine-themed halloween costumes sourdough loaf

Few people will be able to say they lived through 2020 and didn’t try their hand at baking. The sourdough loaf is undoubtedly the bread of the moment. Let’s face it — some pups do suspiciously resemble a loaf.


Baby Yoda

Notorious RBG

We are still missing Ruth Bader Ginsburg tremendously. Pay homage to an excellent woman with an excellent costume fitting of any take-charge, no-nonsense pup.

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