The Story of a Craft Beer Pioneer


Dogfish Head, the brewery founded in 1995 in Rehoboth Beach, Del., by Sam Calagione and his wife, Mariah Calagione, has gone on to become a leading craft brewer releasing dozens of beers each year. Located in Milton, Del., it is now a subsidiary of The Boston Beer Company and has added a distillery, several restaurants and an inn. How a kid kicked out of prep school accomplished it all is the backbone of “The Dogfish Head Book,” a new overstuffed book that chronicles the trajectory. Mr. Calagione went from home-brewed cherry pale ale to a company that produces more than a quarter-million barrels of beer a year. Many of the beers, including the archaeologically researched Midas Touch Ancient Ale, are described in detail, along with comments from fans and employees.


“The Dogfish Head Book: 26 Years of Off-Centered Adventures” by Sam Calagione, Mariah Calagione and Andrew C. Greeley (Wiley, $35).

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