The Rangers And Capitals Started Three Fights One Second Into The Game


The Rangers and Capitals don’t like each other right now. After a fracas on Monday night in which Artemi Panarin got injured in a fight with Tom Wilson, who dragged Panarin down to the ice twice, the Rangers ripped the NHL for only giving Wilson a $5,000 fine and not suspending him.

On Wednesday, Rangers owner James Dolan fired the team’s top brass, John Davidson and Jeff Gorton, insisting it had nothing to do with the statement that was released tearing into the league, but the timing was conspicuous nonetheless. On Wednesday night, the two teams had to play once again and the one day off between games did nothing to cool the bad blood between the two sides.

On the opening faceoff, three different fights broke out as the Rangers decided to make clear their feelings, as the referees had to skate around trying to break everything up in what was a rather hysterical scene at Madison Square Garden.


This happened before Wilson even stepped on the ice, and when he did, the Rangers immediately went after him starting two more fights, leading to a clown car situation in the penalty boxes.

The NHL had to know this was going to happen, and we’ll see if the two sides can settle down and play a normal hockey game tonight or if we’re headed towards some sort of fights record.

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