The NBA Unveiled New Uniforms Paying Homage To Retro Looks


As has become an annual tradition under the new Nike sponsorship of uniforms, the NBA’s 30 franchises all had the opportunity to create a special City Edition look for the league’s 75th anniversary season. All but two, the Jazz and Suns, took that opportunity and worked with Nike to create a retro mashup that bridges eras together into one jersey, taking inspiration from various uniform design elements from their past.

While Utah and Phoenix stuck with their dark gradient looks from last year that were big hits, everyone else went back to the drawing board and some took some big swings. The league unveiled the uniforms in a “diamond album” release video, highlighting the past and present stars that influenced the various designs.

You’ll see familiar elements from jerseys of the past, as teams dug into their history to bring together some intriguing mashup jerseys — some of which work better than others.


It’ll be interesting to see the response from fans to the jerseys, as some look like an immediate hit to this objective observer — Minnesota, Dallas, Milwaukee, Toronto, Philly, and Brooklyn all stand out to me. Others seem to be met with more skepticism, as fans think they’re doing a bit too much in bringing various designs together — or in the case of OKC, not enough. A number of teams will also have special retro court looks to pair with the new uniforms, and we really won’t be able to judge them until we see the full presentation.

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