The IDF is Live Tweeting the Palestinian Israeli Conflict


The Twitter account for the Israel Defense Force is keeping the world updated on the ongoing conflict in Gaza by live-tweeting airstrikes and bombings.

And people online are upset with the IDF’s live updates on the conflict in the Gaza Strip, actions that probably don’t belong on Twitter.

“A Hamas terror squad was about to launch more rockets from Gaza into Israel. We stopped them before they could,” the IDF tweeted, with a video of an airstrike.


“We just spotted and struck another squad of Hamas terrorists operating Anti-Tank Missiles inside Gaza. This is the fourth Anti-Tank Missile attack thwarted by the IDF today,” it posted.

“Sirens sounding in the city of Beersheba,” it tweeted today.


Right now, the world is watching Israel launch counterattacks into the Gaza Strip after a week of violence from both sides.

The fighting began on Monday when militant group Hamas said it would send missiles into the country if Israeli settlers did not leave East Jerusalem, where Palestinians have been fighting to live for decades.

Also this week, Israeli forces blocked Palestinians from celebrating Ramadan in holy regions of the city.


Five days of airstrikes and protests have left many dead, primarily on the Palestinian side.

Regardless, people on Twitter don’t appreciate the onset of a war being updated online.

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*First Published: May 14, 2021, 10:48 am CDT


Libby Cohen

Libby Cohen is a third-year University of Texas student originally from New Jersey. She has written for ORANGE Magazine, the Daily Texan, and most recently interned for 1010 WINS in NYC. She’s now back in Austin writing for the Texas Standard and the Daily Dot.

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