The Falcons Are Trading Matt Ryan To The Colts For A Third Round Pick


The Atlanta Falcons thought they were a frontrunner to trade for Deshaun Watson late last week before he changed his mind and chose the Cleveland Browns after the franchise offered him a $230 million deal, fully guaranteed deal despite the quarterback still facing civil suits regarding the 22 allegations of sexual harassment and assault from massage therapists in Houston.

For the Falcons, they suddenly found themselves scrambling to save face having pushed aside longtime franchise quarterback Matt Ryan to pursue Watson. That relationship was apparently fractured enough to push the Falcons into trading Ryan and starting a rebuild some in the city wanted to happen a year ago when there was a robust draft class of quarterbacks. Instead, they now find themselves in need of a franchise quarterback heading into a draft class that is not considered strong at the quarterback position and will likely seek a stopgap veteran.


As for Ryan, he will head to the Indianapolis Colts, who traded Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders after just one season in Indy, with the Falcons getting a third-round pick in return.

It is just the latest in a wild offseason of quarterback movement, with the AFC getting another star quarterback (although an aging one with questions to answer about how high he can still push a team). The Colts will hope Ryan can bring them the consistency they lacked with Wentz, and, when coupled with their strong defense, hope that can push them into a crowded contender tier in the AFC.

Ryan finishes his Falcons career after 14 years, one MVP award, one Super Bowl appearance, 59,735 yards, 367 touchdowns, 170 interceptions, and is almost unassailable as the best player in franchise history.

For the Falcons, they will apparently take a look at Marcus Mariota, who spent time with Arthur Smith in Tennessee, as a potential replacement for the immediate future.

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