The best tools to create and manage your email campaigns

The best tools to create and manage your email campaigns
The best tools to create and manage your email campaigns

Create and manage your email campaigns

Emailing solutions are today complete solutions that support the choice of templates, database management, sending, Marketing Automation… We have selected the best emailing tools on the market in order to compare their functionalities, their advantages, and their prices.

Sendinblue: a French emailing tool with very affordable prices

The email solution offers a complete service that covers all needs.

It allows you to create emails using a library of templates and a simple editor based on a drag & drop system accessible without any coding knowledge.

For the optimization of your campaigns, you benefit from A / B Testing, and the tool also suggests the most appropriate sending times.


The solution also allows you to create landing pages and registration forms but also manage your Facebook ads directly on the platform.

To go even further, you can also set up SMS campaigns and chat windows to chat live with your visitors.

The platform has a CRM to manage your audiences and also allows you to create marketing automation campaigns and personalized transactional emails.

The solution covers all marketing needs and is very robust.



Prices :

  • The € 19 per month offer includes 40,000 monthly emails but no daily sending quota.
  • The € 29 per month offer includes 60,000 monthly emails with the A / B Testing option and advanced statistics.
  • The “Premium” offer at € 49 per month includes 120,000 monthly emails with the following features: Facebook Ads, landing pages, marketing automation, chat, and access to multiple users.
  • The “Enterprise” offer is tailor-made with a dedicated infrastructure and priority routing.

You can test the offer for free (without obligation and without credit card) and send up to 300 emails per day.

Mailchimp: a renowned solution on the email market

Mailchimp is one of the leading solutions on the email market, a place justified by its comprehensive service, which allows you to efficiently manage your contacts, emails, and marketing actions.

The platform has a real integrated CRM that allows you to set up the segmentation of your audience. Regarding the creation of emailing, you find a well-designed editor with a content studio that manages and stores your visuals.

Thanks to its Giphy integration, you have the possibility to add GIFs.

An A / B Testing function is also available.

Mailchimp is also a specialist in marketing automation.


You can set up marketing actions in one step or in several: the welcome Email, email-based on a date, Email depending on the actions of your contacts on your site … Forms contextual can also be created.

The tool offers significant additional services: programming your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and creating websites with a personalized domain.


You will find one free plan and three plans with rates adapted to the service:

  • A “Free” plan: up to 2000 contacts for 10,000 emails per month and possible use of all channels.
  • An Essentials plan at $ 9.99 per month: 50,000 contacts and up to 500,000 emails sent, access to all templates, A / B Testing, 24/7 technical support.
  • A “Standard” plan at $ 14.99 per month: 100,000 contacts and up to 1.2 million emails sent, advanced audience settings, retargeting ads, advanced marketing automation.
  • A “Premium” plan at $ 299 per month: more than 200,000 contacts and up to 3 million emails sent, segmentation and advanced tests, an unlimited number of users, and technical support by phone.

You can test the free version of the tool.

Sarbacane: a French benchmark for email management

Sarbacane is a powerful solution to set up email campaigns but also to manage contacts and send marketing SMS.


The tool has a complete editor easy to handle and many templates available.

The CRM management of the platform allows you to achieve precise targeting for your campaigns. Comprehensive reporting will also allow you to improve your performance.

In addition, Sarbacane is one of the few tools that allow you to send SMS campaigns, with the option of Rich SMS that integrates images, videos, or text blocks in messages.

You can also create marketing automation scenarios for your messages or automate recurring campaigns.

Other strong points of the tool: the creation of landing pages and forms as well as the establishment of a chat to interact live.



Prices :

  • The “Essential” offer from € 59 allows you to create email and SMS campaigns as well as automation campaigns (only one user account).
  • The “Premium” offer from € 129 also offers you one domain name and one dedicated IP to promote the deliverability of your messages, advanced features for Automation and A / B Testing, landing pages and pop-ups (3 user accounts).
  • The “Exclusive” offer from € 229 allows you to benefit from 3 domain names and three dedicated IPs, and personalized coaching (10 user accounts).

A free version offers 500 emails and 10 SMS to test the solution.

Mailjet: a complete and collaborative tool, ideal for large accounts

A strong point of the tool is its email editor; it is very intuitive and allows you to add text blocks, images, buttons, and links very easily.

The existing email templates are very well designed.

You can also add your own HTML code for an even more personalized email.

The platform is one of the most collaborative on the market, allowing people to work together.


Mailjet also offers you the possibility of creating SMS campaigns, registration forms, implementing A / B Testing, and marketing automation, especially for your transactional emails.

The platform also gives you access to APIs to manage your emails, events, or contacts. Advanced statistics will allow you to get complete reports on your campaigns.


Prices :

  • A free offer exists to send 6,000 emails per month and 200 emails per day, with an unlimited number of contacts.
  • A “Basic” offer at € 7.95 also offers you: sending 30,000 emails per month without daily quota, removing the Mailjet logo, and free sub-accounts.
  • A “Premium” offer at € 17.95 also offers the sending of 30,000 emails per month, but with additional access to segmentation, A / B Testing and marketing automation and editing. A collaborative email.
  • A tailor-made offer for large accounts is possible with an infrastructure and a dedicated account manager, and onboarding adapted to the structure.

A free version exists to test the tool.

ActiveCampaign: an intuitive platform to manage your emailing

ActiveCampaign is a well thought out tool to facilitate the creation of marketing emails and the implementation of automated actions.

It is an accessible tool because no notion of code is required, and you will find a “getting started” dashboard to guide you when you register.


You can create emails from existing templates.

We like the editor, which is very intuitive and which makes it easy to add text blocks, CTA buttons, images, videos, or even HTML blocks.

A real plus: you can save the blocks for reuse on other emails.

You have the option of creating automated emails based on a specific date (birthday, party, the release of a new product).

Complex automation scenarios are possible to set up, in particular, to send data to your CRM or to send emails to your contacts following action on their part.


You can also create conversion funnels and integrate forms and chats to get in touch with visitors to your site.


Prices :

Prices vary depending on the number of contacts.

  • The basic offer starting at $ 9 gives you the possibility of creating unlimited emails, forms, and actions and having up to 3 users.
  • The “Plus” offer at $ 49 per month offers you more: personalized Facebook audiences, integrations, and marketing by SMS, dynamic content, and up to 25 users.
  • The “Professional” offer starting at $ 129 allows you to benefit from: predictive sending and content, customer allocation, and purchasing methods Split Automation, up to 50 users.
  • The “Enterprise” offer starting at $ 229 per month offers personalized reports and domains, free design services, social data on your contact profiles, telephone support, and an unlimited number of users.

A trial version is available to try out the tool.

MailerLite: an emailing solution dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses

MailerLite is an affordable solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to create their emails, landing pages, and pop-ups.

We appreciate in the email editor the suggestions of proposed elements that greatly facilitate your layout: headers, content arranged in several columns, CTA buttons, product layouts, buttons for social networks, or even surveys to find out the opinion of your contacts.


The tool also offers to launch simple automated actions such as sending an email to a subscriber based on their actions, copying a subscriber to a group after clicking on a link.

Automatic reminders can be set up for contacts who have, for example, clicked on a specific link.

MailerLite also has a website editor, landing pages, pop-ups, and integrated forms. You find A / B Testing and audience segmentation to improve your conversions.


Prices :

A free plan gives you access to the basic functionality of the tool with the ability to send up to 12,000 emails per month.


The “Premium” plan offers an unlimited number of emails, access to newsletter templates, Live Chat Support 24/7, and the HTML code editor.
Prices vary only depending on the number of subscribers:

  • 1 – 1000 subscribers: $ 10
  • 1001 – 2500 subscribers: $ 15
  • 2501 – 5000 subscribers: $ 30
  • 5001 – 10000 subscribers: $ 50

A trial version is available for 30 days to test the tool.

GetResponse: a global marketing management solution

With GetResponse, you can manage all of your marketing actions: emailing, landing pages, conversion funnels, webinars, and marketing automation.

For your Email, you have several templates to choose from and Shutterstock images at your disposal.

The editor has a drag & drop system to easily add text, images, buttons, videos, social media buttons, or even HTML code.

The tool offers several types of automated emails: follow-up emails for subscribers, emails after cart abandonment, or following a visit to a specific web page, emails scheduled at the most important times, or emails to share news from your blog.


Other options to highlight: A / B Testing, sales funnels to improve your conversions, and detailed statistics to measure your performance.


Prices :

The price of offers varies according to the number of contacts you have (from 1000 to 100,000).

The four paid offers to allow you to create an unlimited number of emails or landing pages.

  • The first offer, at € 13 per month, includes the basic functionality for designing your marketing emails, automatic replies, and landing pages.
  • The “Plus” version at 45 € per month provides access to the automation builder (5 workflows), webinars (up to 100 participants), five sales funnels, and three user accounts.
  • The “Professional” offer at € 89 also offers you: unlimited automation builder, setting up paid webinars (up to 300 participants), unlimited sales funnels, and up to 5 user accounts.

GetResponse offers a tailor-made offer for companies that have more than 100,000 contacts with additional services: transactional emails, account managers, and dedicated IP addresses.

A 30-day trial version is available if you want to test the tool.

Benchmark Email: an email management platform for small businesses

The tool allows you to create emails as well as landing pages, registration forms, questionnaires, and surveys.

To guide you, you have access to a dashboard with the steps to follow upon registration. You have access to email templates to save time on layout.

You have a well-designed editor that allows you to easily modify the chosen templates, or create a template from scratch.

An interesting feature: you can test your emails and see how they appear on different inboxes.


Benchmark Email also offers to set up automated actions based on the actions of your contacts with your website or your emails.

Regarding the audience, the tool allows you to create segmentation lists for more targeted campaigns.

For example, you can segment contacts by product interest.

Reports are also available to measure the performance of your emails and your Automation but also of your A / B tests and your questionnaires.



Prices :

The free offer of the tool gives you the basic functionality, with an unlimited number of contacts and the possibility of sending 250 emails per month.

The “Premium” offer from $ 11.89 gives you additional access to the following services: automation features, creation of landing pages and A / B Testing
The monthly price is variable depending on the number of contacts:

  • 0 – 600 subscribers: $ 11
  • 601 – 1,000 subscribers: $ 18
  • 1,001 – 1,500 subscribers: $ 23
  • 1,501 – 2,500 subscribers: $ 27
  • 2,501 – 3,500 subscribers: $ 37

A free version is available to try the tool.

AWeber: an email service dedicated to small businesses

AWeber allows small businesses to easily create and manage their marketing emails without the need for a developer.

Email, landing page, and form templates are available as well as an intuitive editor to easily add or modify the text, photos, or CTAs.

AWeber also offers the possibility of automating email campaigns based on the actions of a contact.


Regarding your audience, you can sort your contacts by category to create targeted campaigns.

The creation of segmentation lists is available by choosing, for example, the subscribers who clicked the most times on your emails and sent them a special offer.

The tool also has a mobile application to manage its campaigns, even on the go.


Prices :

The monthly price of the service varies only according to the number of subscribers:

  • between 0 and 500 subscribers: $ 19
  • between 501 and 2,500 subscribers: $ 29
  • between 2,501 and 5,000 subscribers: $ 49
  • between 5,001 and 10,000 subscribers: $ 69
  • between 10,001 and 25,000 subscribers: $ 149

A trial version is available for free for 30 days.

ConvertKit: an email marketing solution for creators

ConvertKit is a tool for creating marketing emails, landing pages, and forms.

Unlike other tools on the market, ConvertKit does not offer an editor with a drag & drop system.

It uses simple plain text emails with the possibility of adding images, CTAs, and HTML code for better deliverability of emails.

One strong point: the editor has Unsplash integration, which allows you to easily add copyright-free images to your emails.

Tasks can be automated based on the actions of your subscribers to offer them more targeted content and thus improve your conversions.


To go even further, you can even create real automated scenarios with pre-established conditions.

Well-designed reports allow you to analyze your data and then create audience segmentation.


Prices :

  • The free plan gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of emails, landing pages, and forms, have a personalized domain name and up to 1,000 subscribers.
  • The paid offer from $ 29 per month offers you an additional: the implementation of automated actions, reporting as well as integrations and APIs. The price of this offer is variable, depending on your number of subscribers (from 1000).

A 14-day trial version is available to test the functionality of the paid plan.

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