Texting Biden About the White House Cocaine Won’t Get a Reply

Texting Biden About the White House Cocaine Won’t Get a Reply

Since July, Americans have been able to “text” with President Joe Biden. But he probably won’t reply—especially if you ask about the cocaine found in the White House on July 2.

That’s what the New York Post and Soldier of Fortune magazine discovered after both publications reached out to Biden’s Community “phone number” seeking comment on allegations that the cocaine belonged to someone within the family orbit and that President Joe Biden was aware of that person’s identity.

The Soldier of Fortune exclusive, which the Post reported on, claimed that the cocaine did not belong to Hunter Biden, but that it was someone with in the family’s “orbit.” A source told the magazine if they wanted to know who they should “ask” Joe Biden, as he’d been informed.


Both the Soldier of Fortune and the Post included screenshots of attempting to contact Biden directly via his Community “phone number.”

Community, a messaging platform, allows high-profile figures to communicate directly with their audience through text messages.

The White House unveiled the plan and number—(302) 404-0880—in early July. At the time, the White House was soliciting personal stories about how gun violence has affected their lives, according to Politico.

But the odds Biden is personally monitoring those messages seems unfathomably low.

So social media users are having a field day mocking the decision to text the Community number asking if the Secret Service informed him of the identity of the owner of the cocaine found in the White House.


“this is the most embarrassing image in the history of journalism,” posted one user alongside a screenshot of the screenshot.

“This person definitely called to check their extended car warranty,” wrote another.

“Oh my God the new York post doesn’t understand how SMS programs work,” posted another user.

“multiple people grilling a chat bot to give them answers about cocaine in the white house because they think they can just text the president is the funniest ‘reporting’ i’ve seen in a minute,” wrote another.

The Daily Dot, for fun, reached out to Biden’s Community phone number to ask why he didn’t reply to either publication.


Unsurprisingly, we have not received a response.


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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 11:29 am CDT


Katherine Huggins

Katherine Huggins is a New York-based journalist and freelance contributor to the Daily Dot’s tech and politics section. She helps cover the United Nations for the Japanese newspaper Mainichi and previously reported on the 2022 midterm elections for Marketwatch. Her work has appeared in USA Today, Forbes, OpenSecrets and more.

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