Texas Woman Forms Unlikely Friendship With Goose


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This has to be one of the cutest animal stories to come out of the quarantine, and it’s all about the unlikely friendship between an awesome woman from Texas and an adorable goose.

Cheryl Allison of Dallas was feeling very cooped up and lonely when the pandemic first began. The sudden and forced isolation was getting to her, as it had for so many of us. Especially those of us not used to being alone for most of the days and nights.

One day, Cheryl decided to put on her face mask and venture out to the local park. She made sure to social distance and sat down on the grass by herself to take in the sunny day.

Out of nowhere, a friendly goose came wandering right up to Cheryl as if he’d known her all his life.


As it turned out,  he is a domesticated goose, and he quickly imprinted onto his new best friend. He started following her everywhere, and whenever Cheryl would visit he’d immediately come running at the sound of the name she gave him: Honk.

Cheryl is also a documentary filmmaker who plans to make a movie about the unusual friendship she sparked at such an unlikely time to connect.

She also wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of abandoning domesticated birds at public ponds and parks.


Watch the video below to meet Cheryl and Honk, and prepare to fall in love.

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