Stephen Miller, Mark Cuban Feud Over Childless TikToker

Stephen Miller, Mark Cuban Feud Over Childless TikToker

Stephen Miller, who served as senior adviser under former President Donald Trump, appears upset at billionaire Mark Cuban for failing to criticize a 29-year-old woman who boasted about not having children.

The incident unfolded this week after conservative pundit Matt Walsh denounced TikToker Julia Mazur for a video in which she outlined her weekend plans as a childless woman.

“Her life doesn’t revolve around her family and kids so instead it revolves around TV shows and pop stars,” Walsh tweeted. “Worst of all she’s too stupid to realize how depressing this is.”


The video, which has been seen over 33 million times on Twitter alone, led Mazur to receive an influx of backlash as well as death threats from outraged conservatives.

“The way that his followers bullied me in the comments, reached out to me on social media, threatened me, was honestly abhorrent,” Mazur said.


The fiasco quickly caught the attention of Cuban, best known for his role on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank, who proceeded to mock Walsh’s complaint in a quote tweet.


“Says the guy who’s life revolves around Twitter/X,” Cuban said of Walsh.

Cuban’s response spurred Miller, a prominent anti-immigration advocate, to question the billionaire’s stance.

“You have a large following. People listen to your advice,” Miller wrote. “What would you say is a more fulfilling path for adults: starting a family, or sleeping late and watching TV? What advice would you give to someone who suggests they wish to be childless so they can stream more shows?”

In response, Cuban stated that he wouldn’t give unsolicited advice to Mazur to begin with and added that he would instead thank her “for offering a place for people who can relate to her, to engage and have a conversation.”

Cuban also added, among other things, that if he were to tell Mazur anything it would be to do what is best for her.

“If I had you both in a room, I would point at her and thank her for trying to bring joy to others and I would point at you and ask what happened that causes you to hate so much,” Cuban continued. “Seriously Stephen. Why so much hate from you?”

Undeterred, Miller went on to suggest that Mazur’s lifestyle choices could lead to the downfall of society.

“Children are simply the most important thing in the whole world and the foundation of civilization and all human flourishing,” Miller said.

Cuban summed up his commentary with a jab at Miller’s policies towards immigrant children before stating: “What any individual does in terms of having children or not is their choice. Full Stop.”

Despite attempts by Walsh to condemn Mazur, the TikToker has since seen a massive influx of new followers.

Mazur’s latest video details her daily routine as a childless woman in the wake of the controversy.


“Get ready with me, a childless millennial, to try and pretend I just didn’t get bullied on the internet for two straight days,” she jokingly says. “I put on some eye cream this morning because some people on the internet seemed to think that I looked dead behind my eyes, and I put on some concealer to really seal it in.”


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*First Published: Sep 6, 2023, 9:16 am CDT


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