Stephen A Smith Celebrates After Cowboys Lose To 49ers


The Dallas Cowboys had a regular season so full of promise, but as we’ve seen so many times with them over the years, the team failed to win a playoff game. Despite playing host to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday afternoon, the high-flying Cowboys offense could not get off the ground and their defense couldn’t keep the Niners out of the end zone enough. As a result, San Francisco won, 23-17, while Dallas gets to start its offseason quite a bit earlier than they anticipated.

The end of the game was the cherry on top of a horrific afternoon for the Cowboys, as the team opted for a QB draw with 12 seconds left and no timeouts. Because Dak Prescott went down inbounds, the clock kept ticking, only Dallas needed to wait for the referee to set the ball. He got there, moved the ball back from where they set it by one yard, and before Prescott could spike it, the clock hit zero.

For folks who hate the Cowboys, it was dang near the funniest possible way for their season to end. Perhaps no one fits that description better than Stephen A. Smith, and in the immediate aftermath of the game, the ESPN personality — who has been sidelined with COVID recently but says he will be back on First Take

on Monday — recorded himself reacting to the whole thing. As you can guess, he was in a good mood.


“Didn’t I tell ya?” Smith asked after laughing very hard. “Didn’t I tell ya? All year long, when everybody was raving about those boys in Big D, what did ya boy Stephen A. say? They ain’t gonna even win a playoff game. And sure enough, right on schedule, right when it really really counts, they crashed like a cheap tent in inclement weather. All I gotta say is two things: How ’bout them Cowboys? And see you on First Take tomorrow. Ya boy is back, right on time. Hehehehehehehe hehehehehahaha hahahahahahaha.”

Congratulations to the biggest winner in the Niners’ upset of the Cowboys: Stephen A. Smith.

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