Spain to finally reopen border with France on July 1

Spain to finally reopen border with France on July 1
Spain to finally reopen border with France on July 1

The Spanish borders will reopen on July 1. The barriers were nearly lifted on June 22, but the government backed down. Elsewhere in Europe, the end of restrictions is also somewhat haphazard.

I go? Am I not going? The communication from the Spanish authorities regarding the date of the reopening of its border with France and Portugal turned into a fiasco.

But ultimately, Spain decided to lift its barriers from July 1.

This Thursday, June 4, it was the Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, who first spoke during a meeting with the international press.

She explained that “in the case of France and Portugal, from June 22, restrictions on land mobility will be eliminated”, as well as quarantines.


The excitement of Portugal

A few hours later, faced with the stir caused on the Portuguese side by this announcement – the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, expressing his surprise – the Spanish government nevertheless made it clear that this date of June 22 was still provisional, and not final.

Before finally returning his jacket in the early afternoon, deciding to return to the date of June 22: “It becomes only a goal and is in no way an assurance of the opening of the border.”

The ministers, who continued to speak in a statement, said that travel within Spanish territory would all be authorized without exception once the state of alert was lifted on June 21.

With regard to international mobility, the government has indicated that it will be reinstated “from July 1”. The date was finally confirmed and validated by the Ministry of Tourism.


Italy and Austria have already reopened to foreigners.

Elsewhere in Europe, life is gradually regaining its rights, there too in a rather disorderly fashion.


Italy, where the tourism sector is vital, outpaced everyone by reopening its borders to travelers as of Wednesday. “Benvenuti in Italia,” the message was clear: “there is enthusiasm in the air,” said the head of the Italian government, Giuseppe Conte.

To everyone’s surprise, Austria also reopened its doors on Thursday, with the exception of the one with its Italian neighbor.

Slovenia and Hungary have announced a reciprocity measure, starting this Friday.

However, nothing has changed yet on the side of Slovakia, Germany, or Switzerland, which maintain the limitations.

Video conference of European ministers today

In the end, the disorder that reigns is embarrassing, the European Commission failing to impose itself against member states that do not play the game, while the Schengen Borders Code requires them to coordinate.


There is no doubt that the debates on the harmonization of the lifting of border restrictions will be fierce at the Council of European Ministers of Home Affairs, which is scheduled to take place at 9:30 am on Friday morning by videoconference.

Just to avoid more cacophony.

According to BFM TV, France inends to offer to reopen the internal borders of the European Union on June 15, and those of the Schengen area on July 1.

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