Someone Bet $50,000 On The Mavs To Come Back From Down 3-0


The Golden State Warriors took a 3-0 series lead on the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday night with a dominant performance on the road, effectively snuffing out the Mavs’ hopes of reaching the NBA Finals.

The NBA has never seen a team come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a series, as teams to win the first three games of a seven-game series are a perfect 146-0. The Warriors do, of course, hold the unfortunate distinction of being the only team to lose an NBA Finals after going up 3-1, but this is just not a hill anyone has ever successfully climbed and few would expect the Mavs to be the team to do it.

However, there is at least one person with an upsetting amount of confidence in Dallas to comeback from 3-0 down, as a bettor at Caesars Sportsbook has laid down $50,000 on the Mavs +3000 to win the series.


Listen, in a situation where teams are 0-146 all-time, 30-1 odds are not good enough to make this bet worthwhile at any amount, much less $50,000. I would assume this person also has a heavy

investment in the Warriors to win the West from earlier this season and is taking a chance to hedge but even so, this feels incredibly dumb.

We here at Dime don’t like to see people light money on fire, so we have come up with an incomplete list of things you could do that would be a better use of $50,000.

  • Donate it to an organization that helps people
  • Buy two base model Honda Civics
  • Put a down payment on a new house
  • Buy 50,000 spicy potato tacos from Taco Bell
  • Pay for the Mavs bench to stand up and celebrate for an entire game
  • Put one (1) tank of gas in each of your new Civics
  • Bet it all on black
  • Bet it all on red
  • Play (at least) five hands of blackjack with Charles Barkley
  • Take the entire Mavs team to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun after they are eliminated
  • Buy 50 Rex Grossman Cameo videos for Bears/Gators fans in your life
  • Buy Seth Green’s stolen NFT apes
  • Invest in literally anything other than ape pictures that are easily stolen via phishing scams
  • Help your favorite school sign a 3-star linebacker
  • Pay someone to be your personal assistant and tell you not to bet on stuff like this

This is just a start, but we are happy to work with you to come up with even more things to do with $50,000.

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