Sidle Up to This Bar for an Herbal Infusion


Herbal mixtures, which some consider to be remedies, date back to the very mists of civilization. Lou Sagar, who was a lifestyle and wellness consultant, founded the Alchemist’s Kitchen in SoHo in 2017 as a place to sell herbal products and give advice about them. As natural remedies have grown in popularity, Mr. Sagar has now added the Elixir Bar next door, where herbal mixtures said to affect the mood are served and sold. The elixirs can be added to sparkling water, teas, coffees, kombucha, milks and very pretty infusions; consumed as plain shots and mocktails; and bottled to take home. Gluten-free vegan snacks like banana bread, muffins, cookies and quiches are served. The bright white store, with vintage touches, has a small bar and a communal table. Mr. Sagar said he vetted his sources for botanicals very carefully; on the company’s website there’s an excellent disclaimer about the efficacy of herbal remedies.


The Elixir Bar, 117 Crosby Street (Houston Street),

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