Seven in 10 meal deal snacks contain dangerously high salt content


Value for money lunch offers in UK often contain daily recommended salt intake in one meal

Seven in 10 snacks sold as part of lunchtime meal deals in UK high street shops and supermarkets contain dangerously large amounts of salt, sugar or saturated fat, a new analysis shows.

The worst offenders include biscuits, cakes and crisps, according to research by the campaign group Action on Salt, which urged ministers to take action.


Ginsters Cornish party,180g (sold in Co-op) – 1.89g of salt, which is more salt than five and a half bags of ready salted crisps

Ginsters large sausage roll, 130g (sold in Asda and Co-op) – 1.42g of salt, more than four bags of ready salted crisps


Jacob’s mini-cheddars, 50g (sold in most retailers) – 1.2g in a 50g bag, which is more salt than three Mini Babybels

Love Corn Smoked BBQ, 45g (sold in Tesco) – 1g of salt per pack, which is more than in two portions of KP salted nuts

Pep’d Up Peperami chicken bites, 50g (sold in Asda) – 0.96g per pack, which is more salt than in four and a half slices of wafter-thin ham


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