Seth Meyers Apologized To Marshawn Lynch For Robbing Him Of An ESPY


Seth Meyers did the best job of providing context to a coup attempt on the late night circuit, but he still managed to set some time aside to apologize for a much more fun moment in history. Friday was the 10-year anniversary of Marshawn Lynch’s incredible touchdown run against the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 NFC Wild Card round.

Up 34-30 late in the fourth, Lynch effectively sealed the game with a remarkable run in which he broke half a dozen tackles, delivered a devastating stiff arm and grabbed his groin on the way to a 67-yard touchdown run. To this day, it remains one of the coolest moments in NFL history. But it didn’t win an ESPY that year, apparently thanks to Seth Meyers.

As the Late Night host detailed on Twitter on Friday, he also hosted the ESPYs the year that run shocked the league. It was nominated for Best Play that year but didn’t win, which is something Meyers said was his fault.


“Watching this play sent me down a memory hole that gave me goosebumps as well as a pang of guilt,” Meyers wrote, retweeting video of the play. “Let me explain.”

Basically, Meyers is responsible for the show adding a late entry into the category: an incredible goal Abby Wambach scored in the World Cup that year.

That goal, of course, won best play. And though Meyers didn’t want to take anything away from Wambach and her win, it’s apparently something Meyers regretted not honoring for Lynch as well. To celebrate the anniversary, though, he said Friday he would donate to Lynch’s foundation in his honor. He also invited him on his show.

Fittingly, Lynch had spent the days leading up to the moment’s anniversary promoting some merchandise to pay tribute to it. And he made it clear on Twitter that he’s not mad about the ESPY snub, but certainly appreciated the donation.

It’s cool to see athletes appreciate cool moments for each other, and Lynch is right in saying Wambach’s goal was award-worthy. But for many NFL fans, Wild Card Weekend will always be a reminder of the best run of Lynch’s career. And you can count Meyers among those who will marvel at the video each time.


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