Sean Payton Got Slimed In Jordans After The Saints Win On Nickelodeon


Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints beat the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon in what was, objectively, the worst game of Wild Card Weekend in terms of entertainment level. The Saints won 21-9, but it was never really that close and for much of the game New Orleans sort of sleepwalked through it with a 7-3 or 14-3 lead, as the Bears offense was simply unable to do anything.

However, the saving grace of the game was the Nickelodeon broadcast, that injected some much needed life into what was otherwise a slog of a game. Nate Burleson was terrific in the booth, offering explanations to the young audience of everything from what it feels like to get tackled to what NFL players do when they have to use the restroom during a game. There was virtual slime and SpongeBob and everything else you’d expect from a Nick NFL broadcast (and an F-bomb you wouldn’t), but for the entirety of it, the only actual slime we saw was in the booth where Burleson threatened to hit Noah Eagle with it but never did and then Cam Jordan was careful not to get got in his postgame interview.


Thankfully, we didn’t have another Duke’s Mayo Bowl situation on our hands where we get tricked into hoping for a sliming only to not get rewarded, as Sean Payton rather gleefully accepted a slime bath in the tunnel after the game — while wearing some Concord 11 lows that had sneaker twitter distressed seeing them get green goo all over them.


Kudos to Payton for accepting this and giving the people what they want, which is to see someone covered in green slime. The Nickelodeon experiment went pretty well and while I wouldn’t expect it to become a regular thing, it might become a Wild Card staple.

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