Savvy move sees distiller catch the eye of restaurants and bars


While watching brewing channels on Youtube four years ago, home-brewer and IT consultant Greg Coram discovered the “magic fact” that whiskey “is just distilled beer”.From that moment on, the stout lover dived head first into distilling, created Reedy Swamp Distillery and along with it a range of unique bush flavours.The move online has seen him now offer 30 different products, many with distinctively unique flavours like lemon myrtle liqueur and rhubarb gin.The recent move has seen him hit record sales over the last month.“I started with vodka and whiskey, and my first batch was terrible,” the resident of Reedy Swamp near Bega said.“The whiskey smelt like a sewerage works, which made me look more into it and it was obvious the mistakes I’d made.“My second batch was actually the best I’ve ever made. It must’ve been a fluke because I haven’t been able to replicate it since,” he said.Mr Coram was forced to start selling his products online after Covid restrictions shut down local markets, and has since caught the eye of pubs and restaurants all along the south coast as businesses look for high-end local produce.He’s even secured gin sales with a new Wollongong seafood restaurant yet to be opened.“Once I got it down it was great, especially with the gins, because I was able to be involved in the gin craze as it kicked off,” he said.“A lot of people want to have local brews in their restaurants now, and going online has been good for exposing my business to bars and restaurants.“I don’t want to get too big though. I don’t want it to get laborious and boring.”Mr Coram said he knew he was on to something when his friends started asking for more after he’s given them a sample bottle.“People were saying they preferred it to what they were buying in the shops,” he said.“You soon realise that commercial alcohol is like fast food. “It’s rushed and there’s no time invested in the flavours.”He grows much of what he needs in his backyard, and said his rhubarb gin has been the most popular selling drink so far.“It’s fun to be adventurous, and even when I just do a small batch, it’s good to see what people think of a new flavour,” he said.“We try to grow everything that’s possible here, because we’ve got great soil and perfect water coming out of the Bega River.”One of his favourites is his turmeric honey liqueur, which he created initially to help ease the pain of a back ache.He said the popularity of his gin has ridden in the wake of a resurgence in gin drinking across Australia.“I think there’s a few things going on,” he said.“I think women are getting into the gin market and buying expensive alcohol. “Also, it takes time to make whiskey, but just a few weeks to make gin.“I think a combination of those things are promoting gin.”SC we are here

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