Royce O’Neale Reacts To Hitting His Mom With A Spin Move


Royce O’Neale changed conferences this offseason, as the 3-and-D wing was sent from the Utah Jazz to the Brooklyn Nets in a trade that was announced on the same day as Kevin Durant‘s highly-publicized trade request. O’Neale is, in theory, an excellent fit next to Durant, as he’s the kind of wing who can take on an opposing team’s best perimeter player on offense and hit the kind of open shots a player with Durant’s gravity generates, but for now, he — like the rest of Brooklyn’s roster — is in a state of limbo.

O’Neale does have other things to keep himself busy, like his third-annual basketball camp in Harker Heights, Texas, the city where he went to high school. O’Neale managed to get himself into some hot water down there with the worst possible person to draw his ire: his mom.

At one point during the weekend, O’Neale’s mother, Deborah Kingwood, was trying to guard him in the paint. O’Neale backed her down and got a little tricky, hitting her with a spin move that led to her hitting the deck.


Because this is the internet and stuff travels quickly, the video eventually made its way back to O’Neale, who laughed about the entire thing while simultaneously pointing out that he’s pretty fortunate he’s not in trouble.

It does seem like everyone laughed off the whole thing and O’Neale made it a point to thank everyone for attending (including his mom), but still, O’Neale shouldn’t be surprised if he gets back to his place and his mom took his PlayStation away for a week.

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