Ron DeSantis’ Weird Posture Gets Roasted in Twitter Meme

Ron DeSantis’ Weird Posture Gets Roasted in Twitter Meme

More like Ron De-Stance-is.

An image of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), with Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, has left the internet baffled about the way the 2024 presidential hopeful stands.

The photo comes from Liz Charboneau, a researcher director with American Bridge.


In it, DeSantis stands next to Mastriano, his arms simultaneously splayed out and stiff, his head jutting forward as his shoulders lean back. Mastriano affects the somewhat more normal demeanor, with his hands on his hips and a smile affixed on his face.

It was a perfect image for internet users, who found a number of apt comparisons for DeSantis. They included non-playable characters (NPCs) for video games, characters in Westworld, and the alien who wears Edgar’s skin in Men in Black.

The button on DeSantis’ suit got special attention, as people thought it was doing a little more work than should have been asked of it.

DeSantis was in Pittsburgh to support Mastriano, who is running against Democrat Josh Shapiro. As part of the agreement to cover the event, Turning Point requested journalists tell them how they planned to use any footage filmed. Many media organizations balked, but perhaps DeSantis’ stance explains why they wanted to keep it under wraps.

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*First Published: Aug 22, 2022, 4:03 pm CDT

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